Cayo Largo del Sur

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The activities offered by Cayo Largo are the perfect way for families, groups of friends and couples to enjoy and discover Cuba’s beauty, nature and history. As well its spectacular beaches, this Caribbean island offers an endless array of options, with museums, ruins, turtle farms, pirate heritage and even the legends of the Orishas – African deities – to discover. Cayo Largo invites travellers to enjoy a unique natural environment in the Caribbean.


Activities in Cayo Largo. What to see in Cayo Largo

  • El Pueblito. One of the few places in Cayo Largo in which to experience typical Cuban traditions, as well as the authentic atmosphere of the local taverns. The village is made up of little houses and farms, home to seasonal agricultural workers from Nueva Gerona, Isla Juventud, or Havana itself.
  • La Casa del Habano. Only in Cuba has the tradition of tobacco and cigar production been so carefully preserved, and Cayo Largo is no exception. That’s why, although the island is almost entirely made up of beaches and wild mangrove forests, there is a centre for artisan tobacco production, where the finest Havana cigars in the Caribbean can be purchased, as well as rum.
  • Cayo Largo Museum. This picturesque museum is a mishmash of scenes, objects and photographs showing the island of Cayo Largo, its history and legends. A great way to gain an in-depth understanding of how tourism and life have developed in this paradise island to make it one of the world’s leading holiday destinations.
  • Cayo Largo Marina. Officially named Marina Puerto Sol, this is the top sailing centre in Cayo Largo and the departure point for all private ferry, catamaran or boat trips to the other surrounding islands. Scuba diving trips also set off from here for the Los Ballenatos coral reef, as do family canoe excursions.
  • La Cruz de Cayo Largo. [Cayo Largo Cross] Although it was moved from its original location in 1961, the iconic Cruz de Cayo Largo remains one of this Caribbean island’s most famous symbols. It is said that the cross was brought to Cayo Largo by a pirate who used it to mark their conquering of the island, and that later, the Orishas granted it a mystic significance that it still holds today: it is the guardian of the island and the talisman of those who reside and visit here.
  • Marine Turtle Rescue Centre What was until recently the Turtle Farm has been renamed and turned into a centre for the protection and conservation of one of Cayo Largo’s most legendary marine animals. The turtles who visit the island between April and September to reproduce and lay their eggs on its sandy beaches are from three different species: hawksbill, green, and loggerhead turtles.
  • Los Jardines del Torreón. [Torreón Gardens] A delightful way to discover the typical flora of Cuba is by strolling through Los Jardines del Torreón, a small flower garden located in the grounds of the Torreón villa in El Pueblito. Visitors are in for a surprise, because there’s an unusual pet living among the plants: a crocodile.
  • The Tree of La Yana. When visitors first catch sight of its impressive roots, they’re left in no doubt that this tree is as old as time. As the myths and legends of Cayo Largo have it, this was the tree found by Christopher Columbus when he arrived on the island and for centuries it was the chosen spot for corsairs and pirates to hide their treasure.
  • Country: Cuba
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V

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Applicable for a journey from December 11 to March 11