Cayo Guillermo
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Recreational fishing and diving are the most popular sports in Cayo Guillermo. The key’s natural environment and location, only 1km away from the second greatest coral reef in the world, and its mild weather make it perfect for all kinds of outdoor sports. The tropical rainforest make the perfect setting for hiking, while the Caribbean welcomes snorkelers, paddle surfers, kayakers and sailors, who keep their ships in Marina Marlin.

Sports in Cayo Guillermo

  • Recreational fishing in Marina Marlin: The largest marina in Cayo Guillermo, one of the busiest in Jardines del Rey, is the ideal meeting point for recreational fishing enthusiasts. In fact, it plays host to the Big Game Trolling fishing tournament, in which participants fish for garfish, wahoo and other native species.
  • Horse riding in Cayo Guillermo: Going on a sunset horseback riding tour along the beach in Cayo Guillermo or riding into the woods in the natural park are among the most interesting things you can do in Cuba. If you like horses, come and give free rein to your riding spirit!
  • Diving in Cayo Media Luna: Cayo Guillermo is the perfect place to go diving, with lots of hidden treasures under water. The area around Cayo Media Luna, opposite Pilar beach and adjoining the coral reef, is perhaps the best spot. Guided scuba-diving tours have their starting point here.
  • Hiking in the nature park: Lavish tropical nature is what you will find the Cayo Guillermo nature park. There are lots of trail to follow for an amazing experience in contact with a variety of plants, trees and animal species. Since the area is quite untouched, many of the paths are not signposted, so you are advised to book a guided tour or find all the information you might need beforehand if you are going on your own.
  • Kayaking on Pilar beach: Canoeing or kayaking off one of the loveliest beaches in the world is an experience you can only have in Cayo Guillermo. You can rent your boat in the area and paddle along without getting too far from the coastline. You will not need any boating or sailing skills! The views of Cayo Guillermo from the sea will take your breath away. Kayaking on Pilar beach is an activity to do alone, with your partner, with friends or even with kids.
  • Country: Cuba
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cuban Peso (CUP)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V