Cayo Guillermo
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The feasts, festivals and events held in Cayo Guillermo are closely linked to what the few resorts in the area have to offer. This being one of the unspoilt areas in Cuba, featuring only tropical rainforests and sandy beaches (no towns or villages), most traditional festivals take place in the neighbouring Cayo Coco or in the town of Morón (the district Cayo Guillermo and Jardines del Rey belong to). The parties on El Paso or Pilar beach are not to be missed, though: there is music, dance and a real Caribbean atmosphere.

Main events in Cayo Guillermo

  • June – Jardines del Rey Jazz Festival: One of the most important festivals held in Morón-Ciego de Ávila. Hundreds of jazz lovers gather to enjoy a music style that has travelled across countries, centuries and hearts. The festival features concerts by both Cuban and international artists.
  • June – Morón Popular Festival: Morón, the district that Cayo Guillermo is ascribed to, holds its big festival in in the first half of June. There are traditional celebrations and exclusive street parties. Rum, Cuban rhythms and dancing till the small hours.
  • September – Carnival in Laguna de la Leche: Laguna de la Leche is a marvellous natural area a few kilometres away from Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco. In September, the most original carnival celebrations are held here. Hundreds of people get together to have fun and fill the air with joy in a festival that revolves around the iconic natural lake in Jardines del Rey.
  • October – Recreational fishing tournament: Every year, in the first half of October, Marina Marlin (the largest marina in Cayo Guillermo) organises the Big Game Trolling fishing tournament. Participants have to catch and then release specimens of tuna, garfish, wahoo, Atlantic blue marlin, etc.
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  • Electricity/AC voltage: 110/220 V