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The huge variety of sports and activities in Budva

Budva is a great destination for sports lovers and active travel enthusiasts. It has modern, well-equipped sports facilities and a superb natural environment that opens you up to new, thrilling experiences. Rafting in the river Tara, hiking in Kotor, mountaineering in the Grand Canyon, sailboat trips departing from the Budva marina… And, of course, diving in one of the most attractive parts of the Adriatic Sea shore.

Sports in Budva

  • Tara River Canyon rafting: Rafting is one of the adventures you cannot miss during your holiday in Budva, Montenegro. During spring thaw, river rafting is recommended to frequent rafters only, but everybody, including families with kids, can try a raft trip in the summer, when the river gets calmer.
  • Diving offshore the islands of Katia and Sveta Nedjelja: These islands off the shore of Petrovac, a charming village founded in the Middle Ages in the region of Budva, attract the diving and snorkelling crowds. In the village there are spectacular beaches for snorkelers, while scuba divers must take a boat to Katia or Sveta Nedjelja, which feature an amazing seabed and marine life.
  • Golf on the coastal area of Budva: The part of the Adriatic Sea shore near Budva is peppered with exclusive golf clubs featuring spectacular 18-hole courses with modern facilities and running international tournaments. Here, golfers can play while admiring the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Hiking in Kotor: The mountains around Kotor are great for hiking in Budva. There are well-signposted trails with different levels of difficulty. The easiest routes take you from the centre of town uphill to the fort on the mountain of Saint John.
  • Tennis in Budva: Also known as the ‘new Monte Carlo’, the Budva shore draws more tennis players than any other holiday destination in Europe. There are tennis courts in and near the city. In the summer, they hold an international tournament in which big names in the tennis scene can be seen in action.
  • Country: Montenegro
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V