Iberostar Bellevue
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The age range for children may vary from one hotel to another
The age range of children for this hotel is from 0 to 14 years old

Entertainment and leisure at the Iberostar Bellevue hotel

At the Iberostar Bellevue, you’ve got live shows, kids’ activities, music and a spa to unwind in. Leisure activities day and night, whether you’re looking for nightlife or relaxation at your beach hotel in Montenegro. There’s no room for boredom in Budva!

  • Activities for children

    The youngest children can play, do fun stuff in workshops and play in groups with other kids their own age. Star Camp has three completely separate areas for them to experience exciting adventures, with a packed programme full of different activities. Kids aged 4 to 7 years have the rain forest in Monkey; those aged 8 to 12 years have the underwater world of Dolphin and the oldest (from 13 to 17 years) can tackle the entertaining challenges of Eagle.

  • Live shows

    Six nights a week, music and entertainment groups keep the Iberostar Bellevue captivated. Drift away to the sound of the chords in the quiet Piano Bar, be enthralled by the Montenegrin folk dance shows and have a giggle courtesy of the comedy shows. There’s a huge variety and options for every taste!

  • Spa and body treatments

    The kids are playing, so you’ve got no worries. Leave all your worries at the spa’s doorstep. The Balkan coast now has a complete wellness centre where you can relax and unwind. Try the relaxing massages on your own or with your partner, take a dip in the heated pool or Jacuzzi, relax in the sauna or the steam bath, and feel like a new person. And if you fancy a beauty treatment, this can also be arranged at the spa. Just what holidays are made for.

  • Games room

    The best way to relax after so much sun is by playing a game of ping pong or table football in our games room. Enjoy an afternoon of fun and games with your family in Montenegro.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    You’re on holiday. We know. But sometimes you need to connect to the real world, send an email, read the news or update your social media… Whatever your reason, at the Iberostar Bellevue you’ll have a free Wi-Fi connection in the resort. That way, you can log on for anything you might need. And if you haven’t brought your computer, there’s one available at reception for your personal use (charges apply).

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