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Events in Budva

The feasts and festivals in Budva offer the simple charm of the traditional fiestas that have been kept untouched for ages but still welcome innovative artistic and cultural expressions: folk music, pop, rock & roll, house, jazz, plus theatre plays, sports and gastronomy. The calendar in Budva and the surrounding area is packed with events that make this town in Montenegro a moveable feast.

Major events in Budva

  • February – Feast of Svetog Tripuna: The feast of Svetog Tripuna (Saint Tryphon) in Kotor has been held since the ninth century. There is a traditional folk dance or oro, a procession starting at the cathedral, choir singing, church offerings, and many other activities.
  • March – Camellia Day: In March, Kotor runs a big camellia ball plus other events where this flower is the star. According to legend, in the nineteenth century a Montenegrin captain brought a camellia back from Japan and presented it to his wife in Stoliv.
  • 27 April – Montenegro National Day: On 27 April, Montenegro celebrates approval of the Constitution with public functions and local festivals featuring dance and music, people dressed in traditional costumes and floral offerings.
  • May – Lilac Festival: Different colours and traditional costumes characterise the Lilac Festival that has honoured French princess Helen d’Anjou for decades. The festival is medieval in character and attracts locals and tourists from all over the world.
  • June – Budva Music Festival: It is considered to be the leading music festival around the Adriatic Sea. The festival welcomes Montenegrin musicians of all styles; local music and dance like the oro take centre stage.
  • July – Kotor Children’s Theatre Festival: This festival brings huge audiences to Kotor, on the shore of Montenegro. It is a great cultural plan, perfect for families: street theatre, puppet shows, games and all kinds of activities for the little ones for several days.
  • July/August – Budva Theatre Festival: In July and August, the city, the streets and the buildings in the Old Town become the venues of festive events such as poets’ meetings, performances, puppet shows, traditional dance… A major festival nationwide.
  • Early August – Carnival in Kotor: Folk music, regional dance, fancy dresses and hubbub take the streets of this beautiful town in Budva Province. A traditional summer carnival of international renown where gaiety reigns supreme.
  • August/September – Petrovac Jazz Festival: Petrovac is a very charming town and the venue of a big jazz festival on the coast of Montenegro. There are performances, conferences, workshops, concerts in the open air, jam sessions, etc.
  • September/October – Sirun Festival: Budva and the surrounding coastal area hold a wine and fish festival in the Citadel, with seafood, beer and local wine stalls, and hundreds of visitors who travel to enjoy the mild autumn temperatures in this part of the Montenegrin shore.


  • Country: Montenegro
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V