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All the beaches of Budva not to be missed

Budva’s beaches are on the Adriatic coast, on the south of Montenegro. They are either sandy or pebble beaches that run besides beautiful fishing villages and offer all kinds of services and facilities in a natural setting. Great for families, the beaches in Budva attract locals and tourists as well as divers, who enjoy the diversity of the Adriatic seabed.

Main beaches in Budva

  • Bečići beach: Nearly 2km long, this is the second longest beach around Budva and a true family oasis that couples will enjoy too. The crystal-clear turquoise blue waters, the white sand and high-end beachgoers make it a luxury resort in the Mediterranean basin.
  • Mogren beach: The most famous of all the beaches in and around Budva, Mogren is near the Old Town. It is a nice stretch of sand, 350m long, divided in two parts and protected by steep cliffs. It offers services and facilities but is still rather unspoilt, featuring the typical quiet atmosphere of the Montenegrin coast.
  • Ričardova glava (Richard’s head) beach: Located next to the Old Town in the Budva peninsula, Ričardova glava is chosen by locals and tourists, as it is lively and features comfy lounge chairs and umbrellas for a relaxing day in the sun without leaving town.
  • Jaz beach: Located 2.5km from Budva, in Tivat, Jaz beach stands out from others because it is a 1km stretch of sand and pebble with crystalline waters and a sandy seabed. It is surrounded by crop fields and mountains that make this Montenegrin coast a dream-like area. The water is calm and safe for kids.
  • Slovenska beach: This beach owes its name to a group of Czech tourists who used to spend their holidays in this region of Montenegro. Being 1.6km long, Slovenska is the largest beach in Budva. It affords stunning views of the bay on the Adriatic Sea. It is lined with a nice waterfront promenade, tennis courts, volleyball and football pitches, and it offers beach loungers and other services.
  • Sveti Stefan beach: Sveti Stefan is one of the most beautiful beaches on Budva bay. It lies in a picturesque fishing village on a nice peninsula. The quiet 700m-long beach invites couples and families to enjoy a romantic or a fun day in the sun.
  • Country: Montenegro
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Euro
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V