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Huge offer of spas in Budapest

Budapest’s baths are known the world over. They are synonymous with relaxation and wellbeing. The striking buildings housing the baths’ high-quality water share in the stately air you can breathe all over the capital of Hungary. Budapest’s baths are elegant, sophisticated and full of history. There are about 120 of them in the city, inviting visitors to a different, exclusive way of spending their holiday time.

Main baths in Budapest

  • Gellért Baths: The best known of all the baths in Budapest, the Gellért Baths are housed in a spectacular building. Their world-class facilities include a huge indoor pool surrounded by columns and crowned by a stunning glass dome that lets the sunlight in. There are nine treatment pools, a wave pool for extra fun, a large whirlpool tub and a special pool for children.
  • Rudas Thermal Baths: These baths preserve their Turkish roots, for they were built by the Ottomans in 1550. The most spectacular room is the one housing the octagonal pool, covered by an impressive dome and surrounded by smaller pools and baths. Mixed days are Saturday and Sunday only. Rudas is the ideal place for visitors in search of something different and genuine.
  • Széchenyi Bath and Spa: Considered to be the largest spa in Europe, Széchenyi has 15 pools filled with groundwater, sauna, steam baths and other facilities, housed in an imposing 1913 building in the Neo-Gothic style. It tends to be pretty crowded, but it is so big there is room for everyone. Ideal for families or couples.
  • Lukács Thermal Bath: Lukács used to be the meeting point of artists and writers. Today, it is a favourite with locals, which makes it less touristy than other baths in town. The water here is renowned by its healing properties, and the facilities are surrounded by a leafy garden where guests can relax in contact with nature.
  • Király Baths: Király is a bath of Turkish origin in downtown Budapest. It is smaller than other bath complexes in the city, but this makes it more charming.
  • Country: Hungary
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Forint (HUF)
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 230 V