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What to see in Boavista

Visitors can engage in a host of activities in Boavista that will get them deep into the culture and the history of this island in Cape Verde. If the island is not densely populated and its main attractions are its sands, Boavista has really charming fishing villages to explore, shipwrecks to find, and even an oasis to cool off in the middle of the desert.

What to do and what to see in Boavista

  • Kilns on Chave beach: A pebble’s throw from Chave beach, in Rabil, you can find what remains of the old kilns, once the centre of a well-established industry. In the centre of town are some workshops where visitors can watch, and even learn, how locals make earthenware pottery.
  • Church of São Roque: The oldest church in Boavista stands in the heart of Rabil, the former capital of the island. The image of this church will stay in your memory forever, as it is a colonial building from 1801, tall and slim, with a beige and blue facade that stands in sharp contrast to the other buildings in the street.
  • Rocha Estância: Very close to Rabil and Povoação Velha, Rocha Estância offers an amazing landscape: a huge mountain with caves where slaves used to hide in the past and spectacular views. At the foot of the mountain is the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição.
  • Oasis in Viana Desert: A true paradise on the island, a genuine oasis in the middle of the high sand dunes in Rabil, close to Chave beach. Slim coconut palms, lavish vegetation and a beautiful lake complete this postcard-like landscape.
  • Morro Negro: In this area of Boavista you will find really interesting sights: the Morro Negro lighthouse, which tops a huge rock and affords a nice view. Below is Balejas beach, with its repository for dead whales and dolphins.
  • Ilhéu de Sal Rei: Located 1km off the coast of the capital of Boavista, the islet of Sal Rei has one of the main strongholds on the island, the fort of the Duke of Bragança, built to watch out for pirates. It is in perfect condition and still has its cannons and a stretch of the main defensive wall.
  • Country: Cape Verde
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Cape Verdean escudo
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V

Hotels in Boavista

Applicable for a journey from November 19 to February 17
Iberostar Club Boa Vista
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