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Water sports and many other activities in Berkane

Berkane is a Moroccan province where you can do a variety of sports, from hiking to golf, just by the Mediterranean Sea. With modern facilities to play tennis or squash a short drive from the desert, in a natural setting that invites to explore the coastal area, Berkane, Saïdia and Oujda offer an ideal area for active travellers and lovers of outdoor sports.

Sports in Berkane

  • Sailing in Saïdia: Marina Saïdia is one of the main mooring spots on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. It has a world-class sailing school that offers lessons for beginners of all ages. The marina has more than 800 berths.
  • Diving in Morocco’s Mediterranean Sea: With a diverse sea life and an attractive rock and sand seabed, the coast of Berkane from Saïdia and Ras El Ma to Nador offers great diving spots in calm waters. The area has authorised diving schools with everything divers need in Marina Saïdia.
  • Golf in coastal Berkane: One of the best golf courses in northeastern Morocco is in the coastal town of Saïdia. It is an 18-hole course that can be used by golfers of all levels, from beginners to pros; the golf club offers all kinds of facilities and services.
  • Hiking in Béni-Snassen: In the towering Béni-Snassen mountains, on the border with Algeria, active travel enthusiasts will find great hikes offering spectacular views of the vast desert, small villages and the bright blue of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Recreational fishing in Saïdia: Recreational fishing enjoys widespread popularity in Berkane, since the Mediterranean Sea is home to a wealth of coastal fish and shellfish. Along the coastline that runs from Saïdia to Nador are fishing spots on harbours and piers, as well as boat rentals to go fishing in inshore waters.
  • Country: Morocco
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Moroccan dirham
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V

Hotels in Berkane

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