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The popular feasts and festivals in Berkane show how much the people in this province love traditional music in all its genres and styles, from Reggada, Raï or Gharnati to more modern pop and electronic music. The Mediterranean roots and the French and Spanish influences can be traced in the popular festivals, filled with rhythm and joy.

Major events in Berkane

  • March – Gharnati Festival: Oujda, the capital of the province, runs a concert season every two years featuring renowned bands and artists playing Gharnati music, a genre that draws inspiration from the Spanish music brought by the Arabs from the south of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • May – Marina Saïdia Nautical Festival: Marina Saïdia celebrates the arrival of spring with a show of vessels and yacht accessories and equipment. Side activities include recreational fishing and cruise trips along the coast of the province of Berkane.
  • July – Raï Festival: Raï is a melancholy variety of Moroccan traditional music whose festival is held in the summer in Oujda, the capital of the province of Berkane. Moroccan music has crossed borders to reach France, for instance, and Raï has evolved into a fusion with rap, rock or reggae.
  • 15 July – Electro Nautika Festival: Sports and electronic music get together in a summer festival in Saïdia that combines regattas or beach volley competitions with electronic and pop music shows. The venue? The largest marina in Berkane.
  • Early August – Popular Arts Festival: A big festival is held in Saïdia in August to celebrate Reggada, traditional music from the tribes in this part of Béni-Snassen. Reggada music has reached a number of European countries.
  • August – Clementine Festival: Berkane is a rural province that is known for the citrus fruit that grows here. It is no surprise that the biggest festival in this area in Morocco has a citrus fruit – clementine – as its main star. This popular festival makes a good chance to try all kinds of dishes and desserts made with this local staple.
  • Country: Morocco
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Moroccan dirham
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V