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The beaches in Berkane are tranquil sands caressed by the Mediterranean Sea, ideal to unwind and relax in the sun in this beautiful city on northeast coast of Morocco. The longest stretches of sand in the country lie in Saïdia, a charming coastal town where visitors will find all the services and facilities they can expect from a genuine Moroccan holiday.

Main beaches in Berkane

  • Saïdia beach: Saïdia extends over 14km along the coastline of the fishing village of the same name. It is a fine white-sand beach within walking distance of the centre of town. However, it retains its idyllic, natural atmosphere, as it is gently wrapped by dunes and native vegetation. The water is shallow, with mild temperatures and a low swell. Great for kids.
  • Ras El Ma beach: Close to Saïdia and the centre of Berkane, Ras El Ma affords stunning views of the Chafarinas Islands and is crowned by Cap de l’eau. The 10km-long beach, next to the village of Ras El Ma, is framed by eucalypts. Families with kids can enjoy all kinds of services and facilities in the village.
  • Rouge beach: Tranquil and quite unspoilt, this is a nice beach located in a protected area of great ecological interest. It is surrounded by vegetation and dunes. It lies at the end of Ras El Ma, where the river Moulouya empties into the sea.
  • Arkmane beach: It is to the north of Berkane, only a few kilometres from Saïdia beach. It has everything beachgoers may need and is easily accessible by car. Arkmane is a 7km-long stretch of sand licked by the Mediterranean Sea. The waters are calm and the temperature, moderate, which caters well for the holiday bather.
  • Bocana beach: Bocana is in the northern town of Beni Ansar, on the way to Melilla. It is a 7km-long stretch of fine sand bordered by the marvellous Mediterranean Sea and inviting to spend a peaceful day on the beach with your partner. It is not easy to reach, as most uncrowded beaches are.
  • Nador beaches: To the north of Berkane are the extensive beaches of Nador, reaching close to Melilla. They are rather wild beaches with difficult access, located in protected areas of great environmental value. Worth mentioning are those in Bou Areg, Djazira and Ichtraine.
  • Country: Morocco
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Moroccan dirham
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V