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The activities in Berkane invite you to learn about Moroccan culture, history and traditions watching centuries-old monuments, museums and art galleries, the popular architecture in the maze-like streets and exploring this rural province in Morocco, next to the border with Algeria. The Old Town of Saïdia, the huge Avenue Mohammed V and Oujda’s kasbah are must-see sites in Berkane.

What to do and what to see in Berkane

  • Saïdia Kasbah: The Kasbah is one of the most interesting forts on the northeastern coast of Morocco. Erected in the nineteenth century by Hassan I, the Kasbah is a good example of Moroccan architecture: a huge adobe by the point where the river Oued Kiss issues into the Mediterranean Sea. It was used to watch over the border between Morocco and Algeria.
  • Catholic Church of Berkane: This building is amongst the most beautiful in the centre of Berkane. The church was built by the French in 1909. In its interior there is an interesting collection of paintings.
  • La Corniche in Saïdia: The Corniche is Avenue Mohammed V, which runs along the beach and makes a long seaside promenade in Berkane Province. The thoroughfare serves as a meeting point where locals and tourists contribute to the lively ambience in the afternoon.
  • Taforalt Caves: A few kilometres from the charming village of Taforalt in Berkane, in the middle of a fruit orchard, are some of the most outstanding archaeological sites and caves in Morocco. In the Cave of Pigeons or Cave of Camels, tools and adornments dated as being almost 100,000 years old have been found.
  • Oujda Medina: Oujda has an almost intact medina whose three entrances are gateways to the past of this Mediterranean city. Inside are the kasbah, the souk and the thirteenth-century mosque, the oldest building in town.
  • Berkane Royal Palace: The King of Morocco’s palace in Berkane is a beautiful building in which the King enjoys peaceful holidays by the sea during the summer months. The palace stands in one of the best districts in Oujda.
  • Oujda Centre of Music: The former palace of Dar Sebti now serves as the head office of the research centre for Gharnati music, a variety of Arab music originating in Al-Andalus. The place is also public venue for song recitals.
  • Oujda Madrasah: Oujda’s residents consider the Madrasah to be the town’s main landmark. It was built in the fourteenth century and serves as a renowned Qur’an school. A nice example of local architecture, the Madrasah rises close to the big mosque in this major city in eastern Morocco.
  • Country: Morocco
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Moroccan dirham
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V

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Station Balnéaire Saidia

Iberostar Saïdia

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