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Shopping in Barcelona: what to buy and where?

Barcelona is amongst Europe's top cities for fashion. You can find most of the mainstream stores near Plaça Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia (Paseo de Gracia) or Avinguda Diagonal. The Iberostar Selection Paseo de Gracia is located within walking distance to the most popular shopping districts in Barcelona.

There are also a lot of smaller local boutiques located in the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter) where you can go shopping while walking and enjoying the historic city centre of Barcelona.

The Boqueria Market situated next to La Rambla is one of the most famous places in Barcelona with it's fantastic displays of fruit, vegetables, meats and seafood.


What else should you see on your trip to Barcelona? 

Aside from these well-known places, there are some more local shops that you could visit to find a suitable and authentic souvenir: 

  • Panots. The panot, an emblematic concrete tile with a floral pattern that covers a lot of streets in Barcelona, gave birth to numerous gifts. From reproductions to scale, earrings, pendants, rings, handbags and other accessories, these tiles have become very famous. You will find them in many stores in Gaudi Avenue and Ferran street. What is more, the chocolate master Enric Rovira created his own replica in the shape of a chocolate bar, which can be bought in the famous chocolate shops in Petritxol street.
  • Chocolate. Since we are talking about sweet carvings, let’s not forget that this speciality has been present in Catalan confectionery for centuries. The proof is the metallic boxes of Chocolates Amatller, available in many patisseries and on the ground-floor of the homonymous building, located in Passeig de Gràcia. The same could be said about Jolonch chocolate bars, produced since 1770 in Agramunt, a small town nearby Lleida, or about the irresistible catànies, sold in many confectioneries.
  • Handmade biscuits. Although both come from the province of Girona, Trias y Birba biscuits with the history of more than a century and all-natural ingredients, will be a fantastic souvenir for those who have a sweet tooth. Available in bakeries and gift shops.
  • Montserrat Cocas. The famous recipe from the famous Barcelona mountain, sharing the same name. You can buy them from many kiosks in Las Ramblas.
  • Pochards. A glass container that does not go out of fashion, and that is perfect for good wine-tasting. Can be bought at kitchenware stores.
  • Espardeñas. This comfortable esparto shoe that is one of the icons of traditional Catalan clothing and the typical red beret can be found in many specialized shops in the Gothic quarter, especially in Ferran street and nearby.
  • Custo or clothes by Desigual. An excellent choice for those who want to renew their closet with garments and accessories designed in Barcelona.
  • Tous accessories. The successful brand of jewelry, fashion and leather goods has its headquarters in the city of Manresa in Barcelona and offers a myriad of alternatives. On top of that, it has several shops in the Catalan capital.

  • FC Barcelona or RCD Espanyol merchandising. Any hat or t-shirt available in official stores and gift shops will delight most football lovers. The most famous shop is located near Plaza de Catalunya.

  • Rajoles d'oficis. These ceramic tiles from the 17th century and representing ancient crafts are an integral part of the typical decoration of Catalan second residences. You can buy them at handicraft shops and at various stalls in Ferran street.

  • Modernist ceramics. The decorative objects inspired by this artistic movement are the flagship of Barcelona and can be seen everywhere. They can be spotted on countless cups, vases and sculptures and are most likely sold at any souvenir shop. Of course, you may also buy special theme posters. For example, posters of the period known as El tandem, by Ramon Casas. For these purposes, the best place to go are gift shops of the leading art museums.
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