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Street festivals and events in Barcelona

Strongly linked to the Mediterranean culture, Barcelona is an ideal place to enjoy old traditions and celebrations, where one will see impressive giants and correfocs during breath-taking marches in the streets while fireworks and bonfires become the centre of attention.

Although most of Barcelona street festivals are celebrated in summer, the rich cultural heritage of Barcelona may be easily discovered anytime.

The most important street festivals in Barcelona

  • Sitges Carnival. The beautiful seaside town of Sitges that is located in the province of Barcelona just 40 km from the city hosts a famous carnival of Catalonia which is among the most prestigious ones on the international level. Every year the dates are different, depending on the beginning of the Holy Week.
  • Cavalcade of Sant Medir. Every 3rd of March, a cavalcade runs through the streets of the neighbourhood of Gràcia, showering its attendants with candies.
  • Sant Jordi. Although April the 23rd is a working day, this Day of the Book and Roses is one of the most beloved holidays celebrated by the inhabitants of Barcelona. The streets of the city center host numerous bookstalls and stands with roses, while the most successful writers sign their own copies in the main bookstores of the city. Also, this day reminds us of the legend of Sant Jordi or St. George, the patron of Catalonia.
  • L’Ou com Balla. During the weekend that is closest to Corpus Christi, some of the loveliest public courtyards of the old town are decorated with flowers. The most impressive about this holiday is the habit of placing an egg on top of different spouts, which gives name to this celebration. These festivities have a long history that started in the 17th century.
  • Patum of Berga. Located 108 km away from the city, this provincial area of Barcelona gave birth to Patum celebrations in the 14th century.  Nowadays the festivities are accompanied by parades and fireworks (correfocs) and were declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005. Its celebration coincides with Corpus Christi.
  • Revetlla de Sant Joan. On the night of June the 23rd, the shortest night of the year, the streets and squares of Barcelona get full of bonfires, music and popular festivals. On this date fruit or pine nuts coca is a must for any dinner.
  • Festivities of Gràcia (Fiestas de Gràcia). In the second half of August the streets of this neighborhood in the city of Barcelona, which has been an independent municipality until 1897, is beautifully decorated by the locals. The same thing happens during the festivities of Sants (fiestas de Sants), which begin a week later.
  • Celebrations of Mercè. The celebrations of Barcelona´s patron saint take place some days before the 24th of September and include open days in some municipal museums, free outdoor concerts and the construction of human towers called castelleres, as well as marching giants, music and fireworks that crown the celebrations.

  • The night of All Saints. On the night of October the 31st, it is common to buy chestnuts in stalls run by castanyeres and eat them together with the whole family, along with panellets (marzipans) and a bottle of muscatel for the adults.
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