Iberostar Founty Beach

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Cité Founty BP N° 1039

PC: 80000

TEL: +212 528 84 44 44



Longitude: -9.598037373783569

Latitude: 30.40215125400106

Location of Iberostar Founty Beach

This hotel is located on the seafront in Morocco. In addition, it is just 1 km from the city of Agadir and its most important points of interest, such as the Kasbah, the Medina de Coco Polizzi and the village of Immouzer des Idda Outanane. Want to know how to get to Agadir? Just follow the map and directions shown below. It’s that easy!

  • Location of this hotel in Agadir

From Agadir airport. Distance: 28 km.

  1. Leave Agadir airport and join the P8 (Inezgane)
  2. After 28 km, you’ll arrive in Agadir, where you will find the hotel.
  • Address of the Iberostar Founty Beach Hotel.

Iberostar Founty Beach Hotel
B.P. nº 1039
Cité Founty 80 000
Agadir - Morocco
Tel.: (+212) 5 28 84 44 44
Fax: (+212) 5 28 84 48 48
E-mail: founty.beach@iberostar.ma

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Latitude: 30.40215125400106
Longitude: -9.598037373783569