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Visitors can have a thousand and one experiences in Agadir, from wonderful sunsets to fish unloading at the port or shopping in Avenue Hassan II. In Agadir you can walk along the streets, tour the busy souk or eat freshly caught fish with lemon in a small tavern. An explosion of colours, flavours and smiles is waiting for you in this Moroccan town.

Experiences in Agadir: What to do

  • Window shopping in Avenue Hassan II: Spend a morning walking leisurely along this avenue in the centre of Agadir and you will find an array of shops, high-end boutiques and shopping centres selling local crafts at bargain prices.
  • A day at the port of Agadir: A day at the port of Agadir can be a genuine Moroccan experience. The busy wharves are a good place to look at the fishermen unloading sardines while the sailors fix their fishing nets and workers load citrus fruit or build small wooden boats.
  • Tour of the central souk: In the centre of town, the large Souk al-Had used to be, and still is, one of the biggest in Morocco. Spices and fresh produce can be found in this bustling market whose stalls are a feast for the senses, bringing tourists closer to the gastronomy of the area and the character of locals.
  • Eating fish tagine in Agadir: The succession of fish stalls, traditional restaurants and small taverns in the port area all serve fresh fish. Fish tagine is one of the most popular and typical dishes in Agadir. Savouring it here can be a very nice experience.
  • Sunset on Agadir beach: With the fine golden sand and the breeze coming from the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir beach is great for admiring the sun going down as bathers become small silhouettes at sea in Morocco. A true relaxing moment and an encounter with nature.
  • Trip to Souss-Massa National Park: A must-visit place of natural beauty surrounding the city is Souss-Massa National Park. In the southern end of the reserve is the lake formed by the river Massa when flowing into the ocean. Close by are unspoilt beaches upon whose shore they say Jonah was washed after the whale spat him out.
  • Country: Morocco
  • Time zone:
  • Change: Moroccan dirham
  • Electricity/AC voltage: 220 V