Our value proposition is based on four pillars: the best location, a permanent dedication to service, a unique gastronomic offering and a firm stance on sustainability.

With more than 120 hotels in the best locations in 18 countries on three different continents, in Grupo Iberostar we offer high-quality holiday experiences, backed by the satisfaction of our customers.

Iberostar hotels are now grouped into 3 divisions: city hotels, ocean resorts - that make up the majority of our portfolio - and heritage hotels called “Iberostar Heritage”.

City hotels

City hotels, located in the centre of some of the most appealing and most visited cities in the world. Examples: New York, Madrid, Havana or Barcelona

Ocean resorts

Hotels and resorts located on the seafront.

Heritage hotels, Iberostar Heritage

Hotels that invite you to immerse yourself in the tradition of unique places and to enjoy their culture, art and history at your own pace.

Ocean resorts, which represent the core of our portfolio, include three categories: Grand Iberostar, Iberostar Selection and Iberostar. City hotels and heritage hotels include two categories: Iberostar and Iberostar Grand.

Currently, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is carrying out an ambitious strategy plan which, thanks to our hotel portfolio comprised exclusively of 4 & 5-star hotels, has evolved in Europe into a high value sector with special effort directed towards the innovation of products, company services and technological development.

This investment in the company’s portfolio continues and is being extended to other countries that we operate in, so as to increase our ocean resorts, both in destinations where we have already consolidated our presence as well as new destinations.

At the same time, the company is complementing and increasing its strategy by seeking opportunities to expand into important international capitals that attract tourism and other places with historical and cultural appeal.


If you own a hotel and would like to become part of our company or receive information, get in touch.

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