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Book one of our hotels in America in the safe knowledge that you can cancel free of charge

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Because you can always change your mind…

Book any of our hotels in America with totally free cancellation. Take advantage of Iberostar’s flexible rates and stop worrying about any unforeseen expenses or last minute changes. These are our offers! Choose a rate, make your booking and if you change your mind… you´ll always have an opportunity to cancel at no extra cost.

Please note the cancellation conditions for our flexible rates:

  • Applicable to Iberostar hotels (resorts and urban) in America. 
  • Hotels in Cuba are excluded. Learn more here about the rates available with free of charge cancellation at this destination.
  • At holiday resorts you get free of charge cancellation up to 72 hours (3 days) prior to your arrival at the hotel. Reference time is midnight.
  • In the case of Iberostar 70 Park Avenue in New York you have 48 hours (2 days) prior to your arrival to cancel free of charge. The reference time is 3 pm.
  • In the case of Iberostar Iberostar Grand Amazon (Brazil) you can cancel free of charge up to the penultimate day of the month prior to your arrival. The reference time is midnight.
  • In the case of Iberostar Berkeley, Miami, you have up to 72 hours (3 days) prior to your arrival to cancel free of charge. The reference time is 4 pm.
  • Once the period for free of charge cancellation has expired, there will be a charge of the cost of 2 nights’ stay (valid for all hotels in the USA).
  • No-shows at the hotel with no prior cancellation will be subject to a charge equal to the price of 2 nights’ stay (valid for all hotels in America).

And if you want to enjoy a holiday in any of our Iberostar hotels in Europe or África, you also have the option of choosing a free cancellation rate. Check all information for our hotels in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro, Hungary, Italy, Cape Verde, Tunisia and Morocco.

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Our commitment today and always

We maintain our high standards to guarantee the quality and security of everybody.

Once the hotels open again we commit ourselves to operate them with normality.

For this reason we have taken further steps to assure their maintenance with a high level of security and quality.

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You need assistance?

We have adapted our modifications and cancellations policies to offer additional flexibility to our guests. Check the modifications and cancellations policies.

As always, we are here for you! You can contact our team for anything you might need.

Do you need some help or advice?

Call us for free to the following number +1-855-378-9011