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  • IBEROSTAR Playa Mita, 5 stars hotel
  • IBEROSTAR Playa Mita, holidays in Punta de Mita
  • Gorgeous holidays in Punta de Mita. IBEROSTAR Playa Mita
  • IBEROSTAR Playa Mita, 5 stars resort


Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Playa Mita

  • Tammy Philp says: 10 months

    would not stay there again.

    "Food wasn't that great. Women staff wouldn't help other women which I thought was rude. Floors in the rooms very slippery. ( almost fell a few times) Seemed that there was different rules depending on whether you where Mexican or Canadian..eg..we where kicked out of the pool area before 8 pm but Mexican got to stay!! Sometimes till ten pm.. Pool bar said closed at eight but really they closed at seven pm. Cleaning ladies where awesome!! Hope they get paid well..always helpful and happy.. Lots of pregnant workers to the point where I felt sorry for them..felt like I should have been tipping them more. Steak house was really good, if your going to eat that's the place. Lobby workers where also very friendly. Cost to go to town was $100.00us to go to town, one way."

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Ginette Catellier says: 10 months

    My first time with the Ibersotar resort and loved every minute of it....

    "Stayed at this wonderful resort week of August 25th.Although we couldn't enjoy the sea as much because the heavy tide, I really love the resort.The people working there are always smiling and nice. The fact that they have concierge on every floor simplifies the reservation process. They had upgrading us to ocean front also making our stay even more magical. The only downside is that the resort is far away for Puerto Vallarta so all the excursions takes more time to go and to come back but all together great vacation. "

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Altaf Hemani says: 10 months


    "the resort is beautiful however there are some issues to keep in mind. they don't tell you that the cost from the airport to the resort is $100 usd each way. we paid $200.00 usd for our roundtrip from the airport to the resort and back. if you want to go into Puerto Villarta for a day again you will pay the taxi fare into the city and back which will run you about $200 again. when we arrived we immediately tried to get all the reservations out of the way for the dining and they told us that the steak house was reserved all the way till Saturday and we arrived on Tuesday leaving on Friday. we had to fight are way to get a reservation for the resturaunts and they keep saying its not available however half the resturaunts are empty. they try to push you towards the buffet rather then the resturaunts. My last complaint is on the beach every 5 minutes someone came up to us to sell us something. "

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Paul Kelly says: 10 months


    "Iberostar Punta Mita was wonderful we had a great time the food was excellent and the entertainment was fabulous we can't wait to go back next year"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Ray says: 10 months

    overall experience is good

    "Nice resort, friendly staff, good for family, food is fine. Room needs some maintenance done. Cleaning lady should be more attention in details. "

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Jessi L. says: 10 months

    It was definitely worth every single penny and I will be coming back in the near future!

    "This is my first time coming to Mexico and let me tell everyone that this is an extraordinary hotel! The staff are very hard working and really friendly. The hotel is extremely clean, the landscape and design of the resort is very unique and breath-taking! I could not have asked for anything better than what I received. There was a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, 24 hour room service, a swim-up bar, unlimited drinks and alcohol, and 4 different ethnic restaurants to eat at so you are never left to be hungry. Not only this, there are so many activities too! Such as kayaking, snorkelling, pool scuba diving, wind surfing, and many kid activities as well. Through out the day there would be games and activities such as archery, salsa dancing, bingo, water polo, water aerobics, and for some other games you could wins prizes such as a free t-shirt or two, or a day with dolphins! There was live entertainment every night starring different themes. My favourite show was the Mexican one, where there was traditional dancing. What I loved too was that there was a teens room, where teens and children can play video games, a library, where you could check your e-mail, a cafe, and a room to play cards and billards. Although there is already so much to do, if you'd like you could rent a car for a day (which is not too expensive and it covers insurance and everything else) and drive to some local markets (I went to Bucerias and to Sayulita) to go shopping! If you don't want to rent a car then you could take the bus and what's good is that the bell boy will drive you out to the bus stop on their golf cart. If you don't want to rent a car or take the bus you could always call a taxi. And of that isn't enough you have the option of going out on an excursion (which is not included in the all-inclusive package) to swim with dolphins, go zip lining, ride horses (or donkeys if you're too short) go to private white sand beaches, and so much more!"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Raul says: 10 months

    muy bien..

    "Buena comida y limpio. Me gustaria que hubiera mas calidad en algunos de los licores como Don Julio ,Chivas etc. y el menu del bufet mas variado.."

    Rating: 9,0
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