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  • IBEROSTAR Tucán, holidays in Playa del Carmen
  • IBEROSTAR Tucán - IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts
  • IBEROSTAR Tucán, 4.5 stars resort
  • IBEROSTAR Tucán, 4.5 stars nice accommodation


Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Tucán

  • Trevor Carl Wilkinson says: 22 de July de 2015 00:14

    "As per my review. The rooms are in need of a major overhaul. Our rooms were considered high end, however were very disappointing. The barbbq fumes made one balcony of our pair of rooms unusable. The fumes off the jet skis are choking, and the beach was over run with seaweed, but that cant be helped. The general staff are excellent. The front desk staff have an air of arrogance. The food is superb along with its presentation. The bars are well run and efficient. The overall impression when arriving is good. The entertainers did their very best, and the gardeners never slacked. First time in Mexico for us. Constructive comments I hope."

    Rating: 8,0
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  • Jade Abigail Palmer says: 21 de July de 2015 23:46

    "Staff were amazing, very friendly, hard working and polite Location was beautiful The grounds are very well looked after, the environment and animals are always considered"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • John Michael Wright says: 20 de July de 2015 18:40

    "Hector was extremely rude and told me "if you don't like it then check out" in trying to resolve a room issue."

    Rating: 4,0
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  • Christopher Mitchell George says: 19 de July de 2015 19:40

    "Daily activities and entertainment was excellent. Access to lounge chairs was impossible, guests must start placing towels and personal items at sunrise. Access to only two "nice" reservation restaurants was disappointing. Cold shower in room was never addressed by hotel staff after reported on the first day."

    Rating: 6,0
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  • Vladimir Petrov says: 18 de July de 2015 06:42

    You've lost me as a customer

    "We specifically booked the other hotel, however staff screwed up and put us into the wrong one. After few days they were able to move us to place we originally supposed to stay in. But lied to us about some "VIP" status and certain promotions we were entitled to. When we confronted front desk manager about this situation, he was totally unwilling to help, dragged the issue and showed zero regards to us as loyal returning customers. Horrible staff attitude. Made us feel like fools. This was our 4th or 5th trip to the same hotel. Most likely the last."

    Rating: 2,0
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  • Gregory Kogan says: 17 de July de 2015 19:21

    It was a good holiday, but we expected better food for this resort

    "The buffet food needs more variety Hammocks are very difficult to find (even for two people)"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Lynn Caroline Barnes says: 15 de July de 2015 12:09

    "My only criticism is of the "additional" services staff such as the divers and spa. That, along with the constant push of the Iberostar new loyalty scheme, meant we felt like we were constantly being hounded with "selling". We come away to get away from that. Apart from that, the hotel should be applauded on the friendliness of ALL of its staff, from gardeners to waiters - they all work so hard but go out of their way to say "hola"."

    Rating: 8,0
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