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  • IBEROSTAR Quetzal, 4.5 stars nice accommodation
  • IBEROSTAR Quetzal, 4.5 stars nice accommodation
  • IBEROSTAR Quetzal, holidays with a very nice accommodation, gastronomy and leisure
  • Gorgeous holidays in Playa del Carmen. IBEROSTAR Quetzal


Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Quetzal

  • Andrew Cathlina says: over 1 year

    Overall, loud and offensive pool scene, uncomfortable rooms and not a very relaxing trip with kids

    "We have stayed at the Iberostar Toucan/Quetzal many times since 2003, but not since 2010. This trip was not really satisfying for the following reasons: 1) the room's air conditioner felt like it hadn't been cleaned for many years, my family woke in the morning with horrible running noses, presumably due to mold; 2) we needed to use the air conditioner because the doors couldn't be left open due to mosquitoes, which we never had problems with before; the sliding doors do not have screens, so on the first few nights, we all were horribly bitten by bugs 3) the beds and pillows were very hard and uncomfortable; 4) the shower head in the bathroom leaked and the water pressure was very low. Finally, the pool scene was anything but relaxing for a family. The music was club like, extremely loud and at times, vulgar and offensive with obscenities. Additionally, with kids, it was very difficult to rest near the pool due to the morning and afternoon Star Friend activities, which were also quite loud. All in all, not a very relaxing trip. We are really considering whether we would stay here again, which is unfortnuate due to the natural beauty of the tropical jungle and the generally good food quality. IF there is anything that you can offer to us or do for us to change our perception, please contacty me. Andrew Cathlina 312-269-4413"

    Rating: 4,0
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  • Rtp Jtp says: over 1 year


    "Loved the hotel, and all the animals. PROS: Room was very nice. Grounds are very clean. Very friendly staff. Lovely Mexican architecture. Animals galore. Very nice beach. CONS: The food could be better, although I would not say it was horrible. Wish there was an English news channel available and free wi-fi. People dropping towels to save palapas and not coming back for hours. "

    Rating: 8,0
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  • Jacques T. Lessard says: over 1 year

    Fabulous - Great vacation!

    "Great hotel with large beach. Beautiful grounds and wildlife. Comfortable rooms. Friendly, very nice and helpful staff. Delicious food. Enjoyable nightlife. ¡Muchas gracias! "

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Susan Scharfenkamp, Wife Of James says: over 1 year

    It was a very nice trip. We had been there twice before.

    "It was a very restful vacation. The food was good, the service was great, and housekeeping was almost perfect. We had to ask for our second wash cloth a couple times, and we had to ask for someone to fix the volume on our television a couple times (came on at full volume, and the batteries in the remote needed to be changed). I do wish there had been an English news channel--like CNN. We love the jungle-type setting with thatched roofs, and the peacocks and flamingos. I heard the monkeys, but I didn't see them."

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Robert Mcarton says: over 1 year

    highly recommend to friends

    "had a great holiday, nothing to complain about."

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Nick C says: over 1 year


    "Very nice hotel that was clean and well kept. The staff was friendly and weather beautiful."

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Edward Lloyd says: over 1 year


    "This is the second time we stayed at this resort. The first was 15 years ago. Some things never change; the watered down mixed drinks, which I suppose need to be there because otherwise just about everyone would be drunk before eleven in the morning. Compared to last time, I felt the food, although good, was too repetitious, either Italian or Mexican. We arrived at 4:45 p.m. and our room was not ready. We were without washcloths several days and also shampoo. Overall, it was a 7 because we are not heavy drinkers, the fish was excellent, and we enjoyed the variety for breakfast. The resort itself is kept very clean and our room was nice with a wonderful tropical view. The staff was very helpful and pleasant. "

    Rating: 7,0
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