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  • IBEROSTAR Paraíso Lindo, 5 stars nice accommodation
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IBEROSTAR Paraíso Lindo

Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Paraíso Lindo

Joseph Virgilio says: over 2 years

"Your beds in the lindo are to hard. Booked six room and everyone had a negative responds to the beds."

Rating: 7,0
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David Craig says: over 2 years

"loved the food. staff excellent. pool great. nice beach. great stay"

Rating: 9,0
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Eugene Bergholz says: over 2 years

very comfortable and friendl

"the lunches could be changed daily instead of the same thing every day."

Rating: 7,0
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Denise Leventon says: over 2 years

"First trip to the Lindo and we were all very satisfied!!"

Rating: 9,0
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April Kristine Craft says: over 2 years

Nice facilities, mediocre food.

"We enjoyed the facilities at the lindo and the employees and staff were very nice.However, the food was disappointing and low quality and the sheets, bedding were uncomfortable.The other issue was with lomas travel. They were only concerned with making every dollar from our group of 17pp and not concerned with our time and comfort. We waited an hour and a half to leave the mexico airport because they didn't have their act together and wanted to make sure that everyone was paid for.Additionally on departure they wanted to take us to the airport 4 hours before our flight. I didn't want to spend my last day in mexico at the airport. They wanted to do this so we could share a ride with their other customers. As I said there was no concern about our comfort only what they could get paid for and was most convenient for them."

Rating: 6,0
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Richard Salem says: over 2 years


"We had a wonderful stay. The staff was very dedicated to make sure everything was perfect."

Rating: 10,0
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Melissa Arata says: over 2 years

Good times at the Lindo!

"Overall, the Iberostar Pariaso Lindo was very good. Activities were fun, staff was friendly, beach was beautiful, and rooms were good. The only real problem was the food which I would rate as average at best. The problem was it was often inconsistently cooked. The ingredients were often good quality - for example, good cuts of steak and lobster tails. But the preparation was not that good. With a bit more training for the chefs, the Iberostar Lindo could be a really top tier resort. The resort does a really good job at just about everything else!"

Rating: 8,0
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