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IBEROSTAR Paraíso Del Mar

Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Paraíso Del Mar

  • Joseph Ruggiano says: over 1 year

    Had an excellent week!

    "The resort and beach was clean. The food was very good. The pools were a bit dirty with natural debris as well as straws from drinks. I think a better effort should be made to skim the pools during non pool hours. That is my only negative. Service was great, people were friendly anf my wife and I will no doubt be back!"

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Oonagh says: over 1 year

    I didn't include in my tripadvisor post, Chefs Alexis and Georgina were wonderful with my gluten allergy, Monica set up the allergy letter for me, Marisol did a great job with the one trip we took this time, phoning to double check on the food for me. I

    "This is what I just posted to TripAdvisor. We've just returned from yet another great week at an Iberostar hotel. We've stayed at all but the Grand in Riviera Maya, the Tucan and then in D.R. I really have to wonder (and many other people say the same) where some of the complaints come from. I don't think Iberostar can control the wind, but people complained. Yes, last week was windy some days so the ocean was strong but the sun was still hot, rain (warm) one afternoon and that's all. I am a gourmet chef trained in London and Switzerland, and I have no real problems with the food. No the food is not piping hot many times, but these are either open air restaurants or with a/c. There is a huge selection of food. One day the scrambled eggs were runny at one counter, but they are freshly made in front of you. Ask for the omelette to be well cooked. Smile at people, it's amazing how helpful they are when you are nice to them. And I am gluten intolerant so my selection of food is immediately lessened. Try and remember that guests come from Canada, Europe, Russia and South America as well as America. That's why you see cheeses and cold cuts at every meal. Huge amount of salads at every meal, both plain lettuce and composed salads. Plain chicken, fish, meats but also deep fried shrimp, calamari, fish and meats in sauces. And pizza, pasta, hotdogs, burgers, nachos and freshly made donuts. I had e-mailed in advance saying I was gluten intolerant. I got an immediate positive response, a letter was prepared by the hotel for me to give to chefs who were very helpful. Yes they made some mistakes, but only in not being sure of some of the ingredients or if the food was from an outside supplier. But then they recommended not to eat it. I didn't have any gluten reaction. Some people complain about getting sick. We've NEVER got sick, but then we don't sit and scorch in the sun or drink so much that we pass out (as we heard one female spring breaker laugh about herself), or eat too much. Do take any of your first aid helps with you- I heard one man say he paid $17 for a few headache pills. Doctors are very expensive, hotel lobby shop does carry the usual tums, pepto bismol etc. Complaints about walking - depending on your room you are either going to walk to the beach or walk to the lobby, but with all the food you are probably eating, the walking is good for you. Most reviews tell you how large the grounds are. They are also immaculate and beautiful, lawns raked of leaves, walkways power washed, sand brushed off wooden walkways at the beach. We have never had a dirty room. I saw someone complaining that Iberostar didn't provide hair conditioner. They do provide a combined shampoo/conditoner, but most women would use their own preferred brand. the Star friends work really hard. this year we didn't make it to any of the evening shows, they start at 9.45 pm and with the time difference we had crashed by then. But in the past they were excellent. Plenty of beach activities, I always did the water aerobics , followed by dancing, pool games. the paella on the beach was amazing, I can't eat it because it contains mussels but everyone loved it. Hilarious but very sweet Limbo contest with grandads allowed to cheat and the little ones being teased and getting prizes. But yes, over the last few years there is not so much shrimp, high end etc, but that's the same everywhere. It is still excellent value for money, see if you can get the same price anywhere in America. If you don't like all the children, don't book to come when it is obviously school vacation week. That's what we do, our son was never a brat, but others............... Avoid spring break, noisy drinkers, not the hotel's fault. the drinks are better quality at the lobby or restaurant bars. I asked and was told they are trying to work out a system to improve the drinks at the beach bar, but you always see a long line of people at the pool and beach bars. But yes, I did notice a difference in taste in various bars. Beds in Mexico seem to tend to be harder, but the last few years our room has had the mattress topper. Ask for one if you don't have one. I am going to post on my FB page ' gluten free cooking with oonagh', the gluten free meals I had, most totally normal , naturally gluten free meals so you can see the variety. Watch for my posts and the photos. "

    Rating: 8,0
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  • Brenda Steinkraus says: over 1 year

    Overall experience was a 6

    "Overall we did enjoy the Iberostar Paraiso del mar with the exception of the buffet food. Because you are limited to the amount of specialty restaurants that you can enjoy, the buffet is your only other option. Our stay would have been a 10 but because of the quality of the buffet food, including breakfast and lunch, I had to rate this overall as a 6. The breakfast food and lunch offered no variety. Even though the food was under a heat lamp, the pancakes and french toast were always cold. On two occasions I had an omelet, and even though I asked it to be cooked well done (I don't like runny eggs), it was always runny and slimy. When pasta was served at lunch, there was never any parmesean cheese to sprinkle on top of it. I think the buffet needs to be improved greatly before I'll recommend the Iberostar. More variety and fresher looking food is greatly needed. The staff didn't seem to replace food items very quickly either. I wanted some salad (the romaine variety) and every time I went up to look for some...it was almost gone and there wasn't enough to make one serving. The pool area was definitely rated a 10 as well as the friendliness of the staff. Our room I would rate as a 5...I think they need to be updated..very run down looking."

    Rating: 6,0
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  • Randy says: over 1 year

    Grounds were kept and in inviting

    "Everything was great. It was our third time at this property. The house keeping staff is great. Love the towel animals Food was good in buffets. Hamburger and Tacos at the shopping center is a must. Not to mention the crepes. Bartenders were more than generous with the alcohol and Star Friends kept us busy. Loved the Bull Riding "

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Susan says: over 1 year

    we hope to visit again!!!

    "We enjoyed another visit with you and brought the family along! Every one had a good time, even the baby! the hospitality was great, the food excellent, the weather perfect, the beach clean, our room was clean, spacious, and we enjoyed the balcony, however we had a smoking neighbor and we are none smokers! So I would suggest to put all smokers in a housing complex and the none smokers together in another!!!!"

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Mike says: over 1 year

    The food variety and quality was not as good as the Iberostar Tucan.

    "The food variety and quality was not as good as the Iberostar Tucan. And it's a shame the guests reserve chairs for the whole day, when they rarely are in them, creating a need to reserve chairs for yourself by 6 AM."

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Jerome says: over 1 year

    no other comments

    " Facility was so large that individuals with a walking problem were at a disadvantage. One could not depend on the trolley coming by the pick up location in a timely manner since there seemed to be no regular schedule (even tho one was advertised)"

    Rating: 8,0
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