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IBEROSTAR Paraíso Beach

Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Paraíso Beach

  • Arsénio Corôa says: 26 de August de 2014 15:40


    "First time we went to an all inclusive was at Laguna Azul in Varadero Cuba; we liked it a lot . So we wanted to try Iberostar mexican way because everybody says that in Mexico we eat better ; in our case that wasn't true ; in the buffet in Cuba we found more sea food and fish and more fruits and in general more different type of food. In Cuba the service in the buffet is more smiley :) and better , in Mexico we had to ask for some more wine , the waiter don't come to see you as often ; but that is maybe what they been told to do ??? The ambiance in Lobby bar is far away better in Cuba with the Cuban Musicians ; In Mexico: a saxophone all week same songs... In Mexico we liked the room : very Clean ; in the Restaurant à la carte we found a better smile service and food ."

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Barbara says: 26 de August de 2014 00:27

    I would recommend this hotel!

    "The staff was friendly, the hotel and grounds were exceptionally clean, the food was very good. The only improvement that I can recommend is better mattresses on the beds. They were so hard. "

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Christopher Howland says: 25 de August de 2014 21:33

    pleasant stay very slow layed back but needs a spark at night or bed early

    "Nice hotel grounds and wild life interesting night time activities very limited could do with a casino or more incentive to attend the night club which looks old, all other actives shut down around and makes the area a ghost town, On the night the tourists are approached to be the entertainment (karaoke, Mr and Mrs)you can tell since majority of seats are empty in showcase. "

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Patrick says: 25 de August de 2014 20:15

    My wife and I have traveled to Riviera Maya in Mexico several times now, and by far, the Iberostar Paraíso Beach is the nicest resort we have stayed in. The property is absolutely amazing! The hotel was built with a classic Mexican colonial feel, and the

    "My wife and I have traveled to Riviera Maya in Mexico several times now, and by far, the Iberostar Paraíso Beach is the nicest resort we have stayed in. The property is absolutely amazing! The hotel was built with a classic Mexican colonial feel, and the colorful, open air environment is extremely tranquil and relaxing. The hotel pool is HUGE and has many beds and gazebos to relax in, as well as a water fall and several hut tub areas. The Iberostar’s stretch of beach is beautiful. There are a few rock formations to look out for while in the water, however, those areas are clearly marked and there are several lifeguards on duty. The beach is very clean and there are many chairs, huts, gazebos, hammocks and beds to choose from. The bar is right on the beach and there are a couple of chefs that cook food and prepare snacks all day long. The hotel amenities are definitely that of a 5 star resort. The hotel rooms, fitness center, spa, tennis courts, and other recreation areas are all very well maintained. The resort grounds are beautifully landscaped, filled with tropical flowers and native wildlife. We were also very pleased with the restaurant and food options onsite. You never have to leave the resort and there are several different types of restaurants to choose from. My two favorites were "La Dorada", a Mediterranean themed Restaurant and "La Hacienda", which specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine. Whether it’s the main à la carte restaurant or one of the other themed experiences, you will definitely be pleased! You never have to leave the resort, however, if you’re in the mood for an adventure the hotel provides a large variety of excursion options. You can snorkel, fish, visit the Mayan ruins, ride ATVs, go zip-lining, and explore the jungle, caves and cenotes. If you decide to stay on the resort property there is always something to do. The hotel staff arranges soccer and volleyball games on the beach and during the day you can find areas throughout the resort that offers water aerobics, jazzercise, art classes, jewelry making, dancing and various other games. Last, but certainly not least, is the hotel staff. The Iberostar runs a top notch organization, and every staff member is kind, courteous and well trained. The hotel staff treats everyone like royalty and you will find many individuals willing to go out of their way to make your stay more enjoyable. I was even more surprised to find that almost every employee could speak both Spanish and English, and even a little Italian, French and Portuguese. Our room was always promptly cleaned and serviced once we left in the morning, and we always returned to some sort of surprise. The hotel staff would leave chocolates, extra refreshments, flowers and towel decorations folded and shaped into different animals, like swans, elephants, dolphins and scorpions. While out on the property EVERY single staff member would stop what they were doing when we walked by and say hello and ask how we were. I cannot say enough good things about the great people that work at the Iberostar Paraíso Beach resort!"

    Rating: 9,0
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  • George says: 25 de August de 2014 18:28

    Hotel Nice, need some improvements

    "Hotel beach too many rocks, No co-ordination between tour operator and hotel (need to exit room at 12 PM leaving hotel is 6 PM If room is available and that is a big if you get charged 10.00 USD per hour. I was not happy other hotels in my previous trip were more accommodating) Also when we booked the site says access to all 4 resorts upon arrival 2 are accessible and 2 not allowed to access. "

    Rating: 5,0
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  • Remy says: 25 de August de 2014 18:24

    Overall is okay but I've seen better this is not a five-star hotel more 4

    "First time in Mexico, very nice resort everything went fine just , The rooms were very clean the resort itself was clean, The only negative point is restaurants are out doors for the buffet no air whatsoever but with many mosquitoes so I would suggest to have A reservation at every restaurant a la carte and the problem with that hotel Parizeau beach is your only allowed three nights at the restaurant a la carte for the whole week and the staff is not very helpful unless you flash $$ that if you ask them banana shake in the morning"

    Rating: 8,0
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  • Jamie Miller says: 24 de August de 2014 20:16


    "We visited Mexico for our honeymoon and stayed at the Iberostar Paraiso Beach. The resort was beautiful and very relaxing. The only major problem we encountered was that our towels were stolen one morning when we were that we were planning on hanging at the pool and got a swing bed in the morning. Unfortunately, since there were limited swing beds, we had to reserve it so early and when my husband came inside to use the bathroom, upon return all our towels were gone and another person was in the swing bed we had. She said nothing was there when she got there...which I believe, but was very upset that someone would have taken our 2 Iberostar towels and my personal towel. We ended up getting new Iberostar towels when the towel exchange opened and luckily wasn't charged for them; however, my towel was missing and never recovered. The frustrating part was when trying to ask the workers who were working around the pool about it, suddenly NO ONE would help and they all said they spoke NO English. We kind of got a run around and were told to talk to the front desk, who then told us to talk to the concierge. I had to wait in a rather long line to talk to the concierge and he was very apologetic, wrote down my name and room number telling me he would look into it and try to get it back to our room. Unfortunately, I had to ask...do you want a description of the towel too?! That is when I figured nothing was going to be done and I heard nothing else from the resort. So that was a bit frustrating...and made me nervous the rest of the vacation. Luckily or unluckily, not sure which, it happened the second to last day of our stay. Other than that, the resort offered a lot of activities and beautiful views. Only suggestion I would have for the resort, is to maybe offer some type of pamphlet to help them become aware of all that your resort offers upon check-in. It was both of our first time in Mexico and at an all-inclusive resort and took us a few days to discover all that the resort truly offered. Having figured that out sooner would have helped make our vacation and honeymoon even more enjoyable. Thanks again for everything."

    Rating: 7,0
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