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IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraíso

Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraíso

  • Carmine Cairo says: 2 months

    I stayed at the Grand in Riviera Maya this past week. I am disappointed with the experience I received for the money I paid for a few reasons. First and foremost - The pool. For the first 2 days we were there the pool was at full level and functioning pr

    "I stayed at the Grand in Riviera Maya this past week. I am disappointed with the experience I received for the money I paid for a few reasons. First and foremost - The pool. For the first 2 days we were there the pool was at full level and functioning properly. For the next 5 days it was drained low in order for repair to be done. I fully understand that and the level of the water was not the issue - it was how disgusting the pool got because it wasn't cleaning properly over the edges. It was full of bugs, fruit from peoples drinks, straws and excess sunscreen. I believe this type of pool is designed to be clean by the water being at full level and all of the items I just mentioned go to the edge and do not just sit inside the pool. Each day I stayed it got worse. I complained to the pool concierge and the answer I received was that they had to do the work to the pool, basically they said too bad. I didn't pay all the money I did to stay at the Grand to experience that. Secondly your Air Conditioning is not good. I asked if the room can be made cooler on several occasions and was told that is the coolest it gets - 22 degrees. I have stayed at much lower end resorts where it was much cooler. Even all the main areas of the hotel was not cool at all. Third Your pictures on your website are incorrect - In front of the main pool where the beach access is (according to the website pictures) looks to be a wide open view of the beach. This is not the case, it is almost completely covered by bushes. Fourth your front lobby - When I walked in I thought it was a joke at first. The entrance for the Maya is 100 times better! Rug is worn out, the gold trim items on the wall and at the front counter look like they are from 1970! People spend ALOT of money to come to this hotel and that isn't a grand entrance. Lastly - Inconsistant room cleaning Some days the room was cleaned perfectly, others it wasn't. It was cleaned at all different times of the day. One day a bottle of cleaning solution was left in my room along with a dirty glass. Another day I left a tip in the fridge for whomever stocks it... the person took the money but never stocked the fridge. I am very disappointed at the cost of my stay vs the experience. I expected much more. The only good thing I can say about my stay is that the service people work really hard and are very nice. I expected to stay here and never want to stay anywhere else rather than while staying there looking for other places to stay next time I travel. "

    Rating: 3,0
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  • Sam says: 2 months


    "We had an excellent time! The best all inclusive hotel we have ever stayed in! Thanks again for fantastic week!"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Will Boake says: 2 months

    We will come back again soon ! Awesome time at the Grand !

    "What a great second honeymoon ! Hotel Managers Gabriel and Raphael. Butler's Ricardo and Gonzalez spoiled us with flowers, rose petals,bubble baths and chilled wine daily at 5pm. Bell staff with Ricardo made us feel like family and not guests. Alex at the main bar kept hosted us with cold drinks and David Ferrer- Tennis Champ. Highly reccommed the Iberostar Pariso Grand. We had the best time !"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Vanessa Soda says: 2 months

    Not so great start turns into a wonderful stay

    "As we pulled up to the hotel I was a bit disappointed with the esthetic appearance. I expected a "grand" entrance but it was more like a run down palace. The buildings surrounding the Grand were not up to par and they are the first thing you see, especially the pastel purple building. Once in the lobby, I noticed a horrific smell, to me it smelt like mildew, but it could have been the plants in the atrium that were causing it, either way, it was unpleasant. I honestly wanted to leave and we highly considered it. As we walked through the resort, things looked better! The interior of the hotel is beautifully done! The exterior was not as appealing due to its run down appearance. The one thing I must say though, there were workers everyday fixing things up, which is much needed. Our first room (ocean front suite) was also smelly and our ocean front view was blocked by two huge palm trees so we asked to be moved to a better room with a true ocean front view, and we were. Room 7153 was very nice and our butler Gonzolo did everything to make our stay wonderful! The staff is amazingly polite, professional and friendly! The food is like no other all inclusive resort I've stayed! These things made our vacation an awesome one! If I could make one small suggestion it would be to have the person in charge of ordering condiments to order the brand name Splenda instead of the generic sucrose sweetener. That was the most disgusting tasting coffee I have ever had and I think it was due to the sweetener. Coffee makes my morning and a lot of others morning too, if the coffee I'd bad, the day just doesn't start right. The beach has it's ups and downs... The ocean is filled with seaweed and large rocks and it's shared with the other resorts which allow kids, that I wasn't fond of. They shouldn't be allowed to come over to the adult only section at all. The palopas were very comfortable and the wait staff on the beach was also amazing! Lorenzo was there in a flash with our drinks! The quiet pool was very nice as well and the waitress, who I can't remember her name, was a doll! The larger pool was nice, but the crowd could get a little crazy. We watched a grown man pour a full strawberry daiquiri into the pool just for fun! Gross! Also, the green tiles in the pool make it appear to be dirty, but it's just the tiles. Not sure why they would choose green to reflect water in a pool... The entertainment was a lot of fun, especially the Rock Show! The club over at the other resort was ok too, but there were way too many young kids there getting drunk! Wish they had a disco in the Grand for adults only as well. All in all it was a pleasurable stay and I would recommend it to a friend. If the hotel goes through some updating and renovations, I'd even consider revisiting! "

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Barb says: 2 months

    We loved the golf course and entertainment.

    "Overall, the experience was great. My friend and I were disappointed in the shopping area spa. We had manicures and pedicures. The polish was coming off by the afternoon. I asked for a partial refund, but was ignored. Our room was really nice, but we had to be moved when the commode area began to smell. It seemed to then be a bother to move us."

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Evadne Hammett says: 3 months

    Not sure what this field means.

    "Please come to the states to teach some hotels about customer service and quality. Greatly enjoyed my stay; wish I could have stayed longer!"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • E. Knapp says: 3 months

    Water aerobics and salsa dancing were fun to attend. The shows at night were very entertaining.

    "The hotel accommodations and service were excellent, as was the food. We were there for a week and I got sick half way through. I don't know whether it was a stomach virus or Montezumah, but I was very ill. My husband did not experience this. "

    Rating: 9,0
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