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  • IBEROSTAR Dominicana, 4.5 stars hotel
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IBEROSTAR Dominicana

Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Dominicana

  • Mark James Finneran says: 17 de August de 2015 15:04

    A recipe for stomach cramps!

    "Tranquil and beautiful grounds. Rooms have poor A/C and unreliable electricity. Food here is shocking, always cold, poor quality, pre cooked and out for hours. There was no food safety or refrigeration regime here - very poor!"

    Rating: 2,0
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  • Robert Irving Mantyla Jr says: 07 de August de 2015 14:50


    "Great vacation"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Mark Lamar Hayhurst says: 29 de July de 2015 19:54

    "We had an amazing time. The only complaint I had was, one evening we went to the buffet dinning room for dinner and got put in the last row of tables furthest from the buffet and we received NO service never a drink never anyone to pick up our plates nothing very disappointed when the staff was the ones who put us there."

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Kristen Elizabeth White says: 29 de July de 2015 04:05

    "Everything was great except our room's A/C unit was not functioning properly. The room was so humid that swimsuits took 2 days to dry, and the temperature never got cool enough. The wall switch for A/C control was supposed to have 4 settings, but all of them turned it off except for one, and that one didn't ever cool the room enough. We asked for maintenance to look at it, and they sent someone to our room twice while we were still trying to get ready to leave, and we asked them to come back in 30 minutes. They never came back and it was never repaired. Otherwise, we enjoyed our stay. The grounds were beautiful, the staff was friendly and the food was good. It wasn't outstanding, even in the theme restaurants, but it definitely wasn't bad either."

    Rating: 8,0
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  • Andrea Cheriss Clinkscales says: 26 de July de 2015 18:42

    "Need to offer a better variety of drinks (only one type of beer). Need to inform guests at check in about dinner reservations...stayed 5 nights was supposed to be guaranteed 2 dinner reservations but they were all booked. Also need to offer more excursion options that are geared toward family. Would like to try snorkeling but it was combined with the party boat which is not family friendly."

    Rating: 6,0
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  • Gladys Mireya Elias says: 26 de July de 2015 15:29

    Un satisfied

    "Spend to much money and the beach was filthy got sick from beach it ruined my vacation had to go to doctors in Dominican. Republic my legs got reall sick went to medical care at hotel they was charging me $130 dollars just to take a look at both my legs that got infected from the beach having Sewaeed everywhere and I just could not believe that the medical care from the hotel would have the nerve to even charge me.. So I had to go outside hotel pay for a doctor to give me antibiotics and medication both my legs and rest of my vacation got ruined was not allowed to go to beach at all or sun... Also for the kids I think its a new century why not give free wi fi the nerve to charge...."

    Rating: 2,0
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  • Jorge Luis Rosado Martinez says: 18 de July de 2015 22:42

    E celente

    "El personal es excelente. Fui a otro hotel un semana despues y no puedo comparar puesera bello el hotel pero el servicio jamas fue el mismo. Gracias y volveria de nuevo. Pienso q deben darle mejor cuidado a las piscinas."

    Rating: 10,0
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