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The popular festivals and events that take place in Porto Petro draw crowds from all over the island and offer activities for all, from children’s gymkhanas to open-air concerts to street parties to religious festivals, like the feasts of Saint Joseph or Saint Roch in Porto Petro or the sea procession taking place in August in Cala d’Or.

Major events in Porto Petro

  • 17 January – Feast of Saint Anthony: With its nerve centre in Santanyí, this festival honours Anthony the Great or Anthony the Abbot, a much revered saint in Majorca. Locals seize the town square and the streets and organise bonfires, BBQs, games and parties that go on until well into the night.
  • 19 March – Saint Joseph’s Day in Porto Petro: Together with Saint Roch’s Day, Saint Joseph’s is the most important religious feast in town. There are many different activities: children’s games, sports competitions, exhibitions, traditional dance performances and street parties. The streets get filled with colour in this beautiful fishing district in Majorca.
  • May – Procession to the Shrine of La Consolación: A major event in S’Alqueria Blanca, next to Porto Petro, the procession is held on the first Sunday of May. Locals climb all the way to the shrine, where they receive communion and dance all day long.
  • July/August – Feast of St James: In late July and early August, Santanyí gets all dressed up to honour Saint James. The feast’s programme includes a wide array of traditional summer activities: street parties, concerts, sports competitions, theatre plays, correfoc de dimonis (life-run with demons), fireworks, giants and big-heads, xeremiers (bagpipers), and the list goes on.
  • August – Feast of Our Lady, Star of the Sea in Cala d’Or: This August feast in Cala d’Or includes a popular procession at sea, carrying an image of Virgin Mary along the coastline. But there are many other activities for locals and visitors of all ages: foam party, youth party, outdoor film screenings, popular cookout, children’s day, arts and crafts market, and so forth.
  • Mid-August – Feast of Saint Roch: On the occasion of this religious festival, celebrations are held in Porto Petro and the neighbouring villages at the same time. The summer weather and the crowds have turned Saint Roch’s Day into a major event on the festive calendar: traditional dance, parades, music bands, street parties… Activities change every year, but there is always something good to do.



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