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  • IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach, Vista Aerea
  • IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach, View
  • IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach, Lobby
  • IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach, Lobby

IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach

Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach

  • Joslyn Alexander says: 12 months

    The guest service ladies could be a little more helpful.

    "The amenities were not as nice, (food, drinks) as the Iberostar in Punta Cana. "

    Rating: 6,0
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  • Malcolm Winder says: 12 months

    Spectacular, outstanding and glorious and rejuvenanting to my soul...

    "It was a fantastic stay and especially with the all inclusive package. I felt so in charge and it was the best anniversary that me and my wife shared...I would ask that package deals within the hotel or something be set up for the specific occasions as such."

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Beth Holland says: 12 months

    What is this for?

    "Lovely resort. Good excursion choices. Had a bit of an issue with security at the Suites. We were guests at Beaches and we understood that we could not use the restaurants or bars at the suites. the Beaches were out of chairs by the ocean, so we sat on 4 chairs on the Suites part of the beach. there were a large number of chairs available. dozens of empty chairs. We were told by a security person that we could not sit there because we were Beaches people. It felt unfriendly. Most of Jamaica was very friendly so we were surprised by this treatment. Great entertainment Star Friends were excellent. we enjoyed Smiley and Tootsie Roll and Easy Breezy. Excellent service poolside by server Deondra. She was very helpful and friendly!"

    Rating: 8,0
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  • Gg says: 12 months

    Recommend this hotel

    "Great hotel, restaurants, food and services. Nice beach with trees and shadow. Staff is very friendly and polite. I would rank Iberostar Beach Rose Hall @ Montego Bay as one of the best on Islands/Caribbean. Non-Hotel related: 1. When arriving to Montego Bay be prepared for 1.5h-2h line, depending on arrived flights, to get your stamp in the passport at boarder control desks. 2. When booking Dunn’s river falls excursion be prepared to hundreds of people at the fall yelling creating too much noise. Climbing falls in group is not really safe as guides ask to hold each other hands so one falls – all might fall. You need hands to balance and help yourself climbing wet rocks. Guides at the falls are mainly after making as many pictures of group members as possible to sell those to you at the end of excursion. Falls are great, the way it is organized at the falls, to me, in not good. Arrival of the cruise ships makes everything much worse – additional thousands of people… "

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Claudette says: 12 months

    I loved it!

    "Truly first class. Very friendly staff. Good food selection. The rooms were spotless. The entertainment was humorous, spellbinding and interactive. I would recommend this hotel and it has definitely become more first choice for hotel accommodations!"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Sandie says: 12 months

    We have already started looking into our next Iberostar vacation for next year...

    "Our stay at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Resort was "Amazing". The staff was kind, polite, courteous and friendly. This was our families vacation for the year and it met all of our needs. There were different activities for the adults and children during the day time by the pool and on the beach. The restaurants were also good and there was a large selection for everyone at the buffet...even if you have picky eaters. The rooms are clean and the mini bar is stocked everyday. This is the best all inclusive resort that we have been to and we plan to visit Iberostar's other hotels as well. Thank you for the great customer service. "

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Anna Grant says: 12 months

    5 star

    "This resort in 5 star hands down. Excellent food , rooms and service is top notch . The people in jamaica are the best In the carribian especially pool entertainment , Ebony,Diandra and gorgeous Smiley made are stay great fun. I would highly recommend this resort."

    Rating: 10,0
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