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IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

Eat, relax, enjoy!IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

Type of Meal PlanIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

The IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel offers all-inclusive holidays in Puerto Alcudia, but you can book half board or accommodation and breakfast too. Check the full details of all the board bases in this beach hotel in Alcudia with restaurants, bars, sports and activities for adults and kids.

The superb services provided by the attentive professional staff at the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel in Majorca turn it into an ideal destination for couples, families or groups of friends.

View what you get with the different board bases at the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel.

All-InclusiveIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

... A feast for your senses

A time to enjoy, to get carried away and discover a universe of little pleasures. A full, unique, unforgettable experience to have in good company.

The most comfortable way to come to Puerto Alcudia on holiday is the all-inclusive package offered by the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca. Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner in all of the hotel’s restaurants, plus special cocktails, local and international drink brands, and snacks between main meals until dinner time. Everything unlimited, anytime in Majorca.

If you go all-inclusive, at the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca you can choose from two restaurants: Bell Viure, which features an outdoor terrace, and Medusa, a snack bar and restaurant right on the beach affording views of Alcudia Bay and serving mouth-watering local dishes.

Included in the price of your all-inclusive deal are all kinds of cocktails and drinks from 10.30 in the morning until midnight, as well as assorted sandwiches and sweets.

Please note:

- Surcharges apply to premium beverages (Absolut, Beefeater, Ricard, Bacardi, Marie Brizard, Ballantine’s, etc.).

- Opening hours can vary due to weather conditions and occupancy.

Half BoardIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

... The perfect choice for the best rest

Treat yourself to the holiday of your dreams. Spend a few days in heaven, collecting unforgettable moments. A golden opportunity to enjoy yourself, have fun and taste the delicious creations of our chefs.

The half-board package at the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel is a great way to travel to Majorca with your family, as it includes full breakfast for kids and adults that will refuel your energy in the morning, and a buffet dinner with exquisite national and international food and an array of dishes to please every palate.

Tea, coffee, freshly squeezed juice, fresh fruit, special products, pastries, cold meats, cereals and yogurt… Everything is included in the half-board breakfast of the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel. And every night, guests can have the buffet dinner prepared by the chef at the Bell Viure restaurant or by the team at the Medusa bar, offering a perfect blend of local and international cuisine.<

Room and Breakfast IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

... Big pleasures for an unforgettable stay

Experience the happiness of waking up in a magic setting and spend the very first moments of your day having a scrumptious breakfast without leaving the hotel.

The IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca’s room and breakfast holiday in Puerto Alcudia wakes you up to a great breakfast consisting of coffee, tea, fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice, pastries, bread, olive oil, yogurt, cereals, cold meats, cheese, and hot and cold dishes. Ideal to replenish your energy reserves before facing a new adventure every day.

Room OnlyIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

... A world of relaxation and comfort

We invite you to have an amazing experience in relaxation and comfort, an unforgettable feeling of warmth and wellbeing. Set your imagination free. Get ready for dreaming.

If you go for the accommodation-only deal at the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel, you will enjoy the perfect comfort for a good night’s sleep in your guestroom as you refill your batteries for a full new day sightseeing in Majorca. The room-only option at this resort in Puerto Alcudia is flexible enough for you to explore the surroundings at your own convenience and gives you freedom from strict meal times.

GastronomyIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

Even the most refined palates will find the best Majorcan and international fare offered at the numerous IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca hotel restaurants. Because this Majorcan hotel has a central kitchen for serving guests, you can enjoy the pleasure of having a drink without ever moving from the beach or eating lunch on the main restaurant's terrace adjacent to the pool.

Bell Viure RestaurantIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

This buffet restaurant offers a wide array of international dishes and theme nights with cooked-to-order food stations. Cooked-to-order breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on selected meal plan (half-board, full-board, or all-inclusive), the Bell Viure Restaurant boasts an outdoor terrace adjacent to the pool area open from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Tramuntana BarIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

In this bar, open between 7pm and midnight, guests can enjoy fantastic entertainment shows while they sip a refreshing drink.

Playa Blanca Bar RoomIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

The Playa Blanca bar room is a great place for listening to live music while enjoying some of the most exclusive cocktails on the island. Live music three times a week with capacity for 300 people. Open 6:30 p.m. to 12:00 midnight.

Beach Snack Bar MedusaIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

This restaurant has a buffet for lunch and live music in the evening (open 10.30am to 9pm).

Entertainment IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

The IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel is a family-oriented self-catering hotel in the heart of Alcudia. Therefore, most of the hotel's entertainment is geared towards an audience of children and teenagers. An excellent team of professionals will take care of all of your family's leisure activities so that you can fully enjoy each and every minute with your children during your holiday in Majorca.

Water park for children (NEW!)IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

At the new recreational water area of the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel, children will have the time of their lives. Pool slides (including one for babies aged 0-3), swim jets and lots of attractions can be found in this area of the hotel where kids rule. Parents can stay in the chill-out lounge, relaxing as they keep an eye on their playing children. What else do you need to have a wonderful family holiday?

Fun for kids and teenagersIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

During the peak season from April to October, the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel opens its doors.  During July and August, the hotel also features the Miniclub for kids between the ages of 4 and 7, the Maxiclub for children between the ages of 8 and 12 and the Teenieclub for teens between the ages of 13 and 17 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. For some night-time fun, from 10:30 to 11:30 p.m., kids can even dance the night away at their very own mini-nightclub.

StarActionIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

At the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca hotel you can enjoy StarAction, a range of activities including water sports, adventure sports and water excursions: speed boating, sailboat or catamaran rides, scuba diving, snorkelling, snuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, horseback riding, climbing, caving, hiking, mountain biking, visits to the zoo or the aquarium, cultural tours and shows.

InternetIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

The IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel provides several areas with access to internet connectivity.
- Cybercafe
This internet café is equipped with three convenient computers for your use, conveniently payable by a pay-as-you-go card or personal credit card.
- Hall
Guests can access the internet on their laptop computers from any corner of the hotel grounds thanks to our convenient WiFi network. Access may be purchased using pay-as-you-go or with a credit card.

SportsIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

The island of Majorca is a perfect spot for practicing water sports, mountain trails and other activities while being one with nature. Rent a bike to a ride around the Bahía de Alcudia or challenge the waves to a windsurfing or sailing session. These are just a few of the many options the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel offers to its guests. Enjoy a sports-filled vacation in Majorca!

GolfIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

A golf course is only three miles from the IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel for golf enthusiasts.

Hotel SportsIBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca

The IBEROSTAR Ciudad Blanca Hotel provides a generous offering of sporting activities including archery and shooting, gymnastics, aerobics, volleyball and table tennis. Nearby, guests can utilise several tennis and squash courts.