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IBEROSTAR Parque Central

Eat, relax, enjoy!IBEROSTAR Parque Central

Gastronomy IBEROSTAR Parque Central

The IBEROSTAR Parque Central Hotel showcases a unique dining experience with the best international cuisine in Havana, but above all, the most impressive Cuban fare. The hotel boasts a buffet for guests to savour the succulent dishes plus an Italian restaurant and a steakhouse. There are also a variety of bars where you can sip on an ice-cold mojito or hot Cuban-style coffee. All in all, your stay at the IBEROSTAR Parque Central Hotel is guaranteed to be a dining adventure.

Buffet Restaurant.IBEROSTAR Parque Central

While in Havana, enjoy meals buffet-style at this restaurant, which specializes in national and global dishes. Sample a little bit of everything from hot and cold foods, or make your meal special with a champagne toast.

Italian Restaurant IBEROSTAR Parque Central

Pasta, pizza, salads, just to name a few. The most loved Italian recipes are prepared for dinner.

Steak House Restaurant. IBEROSTAR Parque Central

Meat lovers rejoice! This top-quality restaurant rated by AAA serves 11 choice cuts of meat...a true gem in Havana. The fine dining options are accentuated by generous wine and soup menus. This steak house is open every day for lunch from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and for dinner 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight.

Snack Bar. IBEROSTAR Parque Central

Set in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, light food and an extensive drink menu is available during the day to be enjoyed on the terrace or poolside.

Lobby Bar. IBEROSTAR Parque Central

Our Havana hotel features two popular Lobby Bars: great spots for kicking back with beer or coffee over a friendly conversation. Live music can be enjoyed both day and night.

Cigar Bar.IBEROSTAR Parque Central

Cuba would not be the same without its famous cigars. They are one of Cuba's unique pleasures that distinguish its culture and traditions from every other country in the world. The IBEROSTAR Parque Central Hotel has integrated this important piece of history with its very own Cigar Bar where guests can enjoy the art of smoking a real Cuban cigar while in Cuba.

EntertainmentIBEROSTAR Parque Central

Havana is a city full of leisure and entertainment. The streets are the veins through which Havana's popular Cuban culture and folkloric lifeblood run. You will find many historical sites that simply cannot be missed. To make your trip to Cuba's capital complete, the IBEROSTAR Parque Central Hotel offers guests an ideal fun and entertainment programme during their stay. 

Rooftop Pool.IBEROSTAR Parque Central

At the IBEROSTAR Parque Central Hotel's amazing rooftop pool, take a refreshing dip in the very heart of Havana while eyeing the labyrinth of streets and buildings below. The pool's rooftop location makes it the perfect spot for relaxing in the sun with a delicious mojito.

Tropical Pampering in Havana. IBEROSTAR Parque Central

During your stay in Havana, the hotel spa is the place to go to get away from it all. Guests may request massage services, relax in the sauna, or work out in the gym.

Cuban Rhythms. IBEROSTAR Parque Central

In Cuba, music is more than just music: it is a way of life. Music is heard throughout the streets at every hour of the day. The IBEROSTAR Parque Central Hotel plans special live Cuban music performances in the hotel's two lobby bars so that guests from around the world can experience this important cultural phenomenon, the best of which is played and interpreted by local Cuban musicians.


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