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Culture: Greece


The most important Greek holidays and festivals

  • In Greece, January 8th is a festive day held near and dear to the Greek ladies. On this day, women leave their homes and spend hours in local bars while the men are left in charge of the housework and to care for the children. At the end of the day, the men may join the women to celebrate the remainder of the celebration.
  • Greek Independence Day, celebrated on March 25th, is lavishly celebrated throughout the country with parades and marches to commemorate the liberation of the Greek people from the Turks, who occupied the land for more than 400 years.
  • Easter is especially important in Greece. During this time, different religious and traditional customs are celebrated everywhere. The holiday attracts a multitude of faithful who join to celebrate Easter Sunday, the most important day of Holy Week. Lambs roasted in the authentic Greek style are prepared and wine flows abundantly. Additionally, everyone has their own mini-Easter egg battles, in which red dyed eggs are hit together. Whoever’s egg cracks the least receives good fortune.
  • On August 15th, Greece commemorates Panagia, or the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. On the Greek isle of Tinos, celebrants participate very devoutly. Thousands of pilgrims crawl on their knees to the church that houses a miraculous, holy icon. 
  • Plenty of small Greek towns also have festivities for the summer solstice, wine culture, and other popular traditions.


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