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Culture: Croatia


The most important festivals in Croatia:

  • February 3. The Feast of Saint Blas. This festival is held every year in Dubrovnik to commemorate the life of the most beloved saint of the city. The day begins with a mass attended by thousands of people and then processions.
  • June 25. National Day of Croatia. The Croatians go out and celebrate their big day of national pride.
  • July. Moreska Sword Dance Performance. For almost four centuries, the inhabitants of Korčula have maintained the tradition of chivalrous dances. One of these dances is the Moreska, a warrior dance with swords that was once common in the Mediterranean and today only remains in the city of Korčula. It is celebrated as part of the celebration of Saint Theodore on July 29 and it portrays the struggle between the king and the representation of evil to win the hand of a lady.
  • July and August. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Once a year and for several days there are numerous outdoor performances, music concerts, and exhibitions. It is common to hold classical concerts in churches, castles and other monuments.
  • October 8. Independence Day. Croatians celebrate on this day the independence of their country.
  • October. Feast of chestnuts. Lovran chestnuts belong to a variety of the highest quality in the world and its citizens spend three weekends in October at a gastronomic festival featuring them. Known as Maruna, during these days different products and dishes made with chestnuts like cakes and biscuits are offered.



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