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Room #

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P.B. Box 265

PC: 74100

TEL: 302 834 0512 90



Longitude: 24.650686

Latitude: 35.418

Location of IBEROSTAR Creta Marine

The IBEROSTAR Creta Marine enjoys a privileged location along the shores of the Aegean Sea on the peaceful northern coast of the island of Crete, with easy access to towns like Panormo (2 mi) and Rethymnon (11 mi). With such close proximity to the sea, guests can enjoy the water at any moment and take in beautiful Aegean sea views.

  • Getting to Our Aegean Hotel with Private Beaches.

From Iraklio Airport.

  1. Exit Iraklio Airport and continue on the motorway which leads on to the National Motorway E75.
  2. Turn right toward Heraklion/Rethymnon/Khania.
  3. After 37.28 miles, go over the Panormo/Perama motorway junction.
  4. After 1.86 miles, exit National 75E until you reach the hotel.
  • IBEROSTAR Creta Marine Hotel Address

IBEROSTAR Creta Marine Hotel
P.O. Box 265
74100 Rethymnon
Tel.: (0030) 28340 51290 / 51631
Fax: (0030) 2834051136
IBEROSTAR Creta Marine Hotel
E-mail: creta.marine@iberostar.com.gr

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Latitude: 35.418
Longitude: 24.650686


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