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Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Cozumel

  • Karen says: over 1 year

    Not sure what resume means...if it means will I return... Undecided.

    "The hotel grounds are beautiful. The room had was clean and the refrigerator was full of assorted drinks that were included. I found the staff not very warm and friend most noticeable at the front desk. I have stayed at other hotels, FA, where the front desk were very helpful and friendly. This is very important to a single traveler. Check in took forever. It seemed that business was a priority and not very caring... Not very happy employees...no warm friend smiles. The food was just ok... A lot of food of nothing... But you can always find something to eat. If I did not know what it was I stayed away. I noticed many waiters standing around talking to each other rather than asking if people needed anything... If you approached one they would eventually get what you requested. The lounge chair situation is a challenge as people put towels on chairs at 6:00 a.m. And do not show up until after lunch. And there is no one to complain to. The hotel is far away from town and costs $20 each way to go there. On a positive note Arnoldo at the pier and Rowlando , the bellman, were always helpful and friendly. I went to Cozumel to scuba dive and that was great... Although I "Dive With Martin" as they limit the number of divers to 6-8 max. I always stay at FA but it is being renovated. The hotel was rather pricy but all in all it was good vacation. "

    Rating: 7,0
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  • R Cass says: over 1 year


    "The resort was nice. The beach was great. The staff was friendly. The food and beverages were lacking. I have a complaint with the dive shop and the checkout process of the water sport equipment. The dive shop handles the check out of the water equipment. They had no interest in helping those that wanted to use the equipment. Their only interest was serving the dive customers. We waited 1 1/2 hours to have a Hobie sailboat checked out. Another resort guest waited 2 hours. We would have used the water sports equipment much more if we had been able to."

    Rating: 6,0
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  • Barbara Shufeldt says: over 1 year

    As above

    "Overall an excellent stay, however minor details such as room key malfunctions and somewhat disappointing food. Also, extra fee for wifi---for the cost of the stay, it should just be included. Will probably look elsewhere for a better dollar value in the future. That said, the Dressel Divers on site was wonderful."

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Sheila Annett says: over 1 year


    "Loved the resort. Staff was friendly and provided wonderful service. Just wished for a sandy beach that you could walk into. Great snorkelling though. "

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Nicholas Martin says: over 1 year

    I am still unsure if I would book my stay here again simply for the fact that the room accomadations range from excellent to so poor. If we had been stuck in the room we were originally placed in no amount of excellent service could have made up for it.

    "The first half day of my experience was absolutly repulsive and inexcusable. I arrived late in the day near 2:30p.m. I arrived to a line at the check in counter that was about 30 min long, which was not ideal after sweating in customs lines etc... at the airport. While the staff did try to combat the humidity and the long line with drinks while in line it still seemed like an excessive wait for check in. We were then taken to our room which was a bit of a dissapointment. Due to excessive humidity and lack of addequete air conditioning a mold smell had taken over the room. Also the bedding accomadations were not correct. Because me and my wife were hungary we overlooked the poor condition of the room and proceeded to the dining area for our first sampling of the all inclusive food. Again we arrived to another dissapointing situation. The buffet was completly ravenged and in need of replenishing. There was little to nothing to choose from. My wife tried to convience me to make the most out of our experience and lift my head up but I was really defeated at the fact that this was how we were going to spend our honeymoon. Shortly after a disapointing lunch I decided we should head to the lobby bar and have a margarita to drown our sorrows of a ill fated honeymoon. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse the margaritas proved to be as bad as everything else up to this point. I was completly defeated and possibly considered calling another resort to book stay and salvage what was left of our honeymoon. But then something extordinary happened. I got up from our drink in the lobby bar and went to speak with a young, beautiful woman at the check in counter whose name I wish I could remember. I was going to ask about purchasing a WI-FI connection and briefly mentioned the bed accomadation, mentioning that a king size bed was requested. Luckily she had another couple that had failed to check in and had a room imediatly available and asked if we would like to move. It was at this point that my stay was completly turned around. We came back to our room to a bell boy waiting to help us move rooms. The new room exceeded expectations. It was a little hot and humid but there was no smell and the air conditioner seemed to be working well. After getting situated to our new accomadations we left to go to dinner in the dining hall and were suprised to be overwhelmed with the the exceeding quality and choices of food. A completly different experience than earlier in the afternoon. Then we went to the lobby bar and were greeted with a drink that was way better then earlier in the day. We winded the evening down with entertainment at the theatre with the STAR staff hosted karaoke. From that point on our remaining two days were extremely enjoyable and never dissapointing. I am still unsure if I would book my stay here again simply for the fact that the room accomadations range from excellent to so poor. If we had been stuck in the room we were originally placed in no amount of excellent service could have made up for it. I am scared that it is a gamble in regards to what kind of room you can get."

    Rating: 6,0
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  • Carl K says: over 1 year

    food was great and the Staff was way over friendly and super nice.

    "We loved it"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Gary Copeland says: over 1 year

    At this stage I would rate this as a 3 star resort

    "Everything was very good except for our room (6303), need paint, marble repair and pressure washing on the exterior as well as wood replacement o0n the exterior decking."

    Rating: 5,0
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