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LocationIBEROSTAR Cozumel

The IBEROSTAR Cozumel Hotel soars above the sands of Playa del Carmen, on Cozumel, Mexico's largest island, located a mere 12 miles from the Cozumel Airport and 11 from the city. Mexico enjoys a warm, pleasant Caribbean climate year-round, which creates the picturesque beaches and scenery that surround IBEROSTAR Cozumel.

  • Magnificent Coral Reefs. Thanks to its privileged geographic location, the impressive Palancar and Santa Rosa Wall reefs surrounding the hotel make it a must-see destination for scuba fans. Cozumel is also home to spectacular underwater caves. These aquatic gems are marvelous limestone formations that have been carved out by the water over thousands of years.
  • Historical Legacy. A trip to Cozumel would not be complete without visiting the many archeological sites and ancient temples. No history book can compare to a live excursion to these incredible sites. They are the perfect combination of nature, history, and breathtaking imagery.
  • Getting to the IBEROSTAR Cozumel Hotel


Exit airport on Avenida del Aeropuerto toward Rafael Melgar (Cozumel Pier). Turn left in a southward direction. Continue straight until reaching the hotel. You will drive through all of San Miguel (the city of Cozumel) until the Puerta Maya Exit at the last traffic light, which will be approximately 11 miles. The IBEROSTAR Cozumel is the last hotel in the South Hotel District, about 550 yards past the El Cedral entrance.

  • Address.

IBEROSTAR Cozumel Hotel
Ctra. Costera Sur, Km 17.782
77600 Cozumel
Tel: +52 987 8 72 99 00
Fax: +52 987 8 72 99 09
Email: rrppczm@iberostar.com.mx

  • Coordinates

Longitude: -87. 021074
Latitude 20.36973400000001


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Hotel coordinates:

Longitude: -87.021074
Latitude: 20.36973400000001

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