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Events: Cavtat

The popular festivals and events in Cavtat showcase the region’s deeply-rooted folk traditions and eventful history as a tourist destination chosen by the affluent in Croatia. Summer in Cavtat is an event in its own right, with all kinds of major cultural activities, an exclusive atmosphere and colourful scenes where visitors and locals blend in this iconic town in the municipality of Konavle.

Major events in Cavtat

  • January – Winter in Dubrovnik: Winter activities are designed for visitors coming to this beautiful town in the low season: cooking workshops, folk music, traditional arts and crafts markets, and many others.
  • 17 January – Little Carnival in Cavtat: In late January or early February, Cavtat holds its traditional Carnival celebrations. Parades, fancy dresses and traditional music in an event gathering hundreds of people and marking the beginning of the festive calendar.
  • 2-4 February – Feast of Saint Blaise: This popular festivity, on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, pays tribute to Dubrovnik’s patron saint, Saint Blaise or Sv. Vlaha. On the first day at dawn, firecrackers mark the beginning of the celebrations, and then activities and functions follow one another in close succession: mass at Saint Blaise Church, street procession in Dubrovnik, traditional garments and typical foods: pies, figs, wine and olive oil.
  • June – Music and Word Festival: This festival, one of the major events in Konavle, includes a wide range of activities. Theatre plays, concerts and folk dance performances take place throughout the month across southern Croatia, in Gruda, Molunat, Močići, Čilipi… The festival is meant to gain spaces as art venues.
  • 25 June – Statehood Day: This holiday celebrates the country’s declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. There are activities, concerts and shows across the country in most towns and the main cities, especially in Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik.
  • July – Summer in Cavtat: Summer is one of the most active seasons in Cavtat, with activities going on until early September. There are classical and folk music concerts, choir singing shows and world-class sports competitions like the Cavtat water polo tournament.
  • 1 July – Epidaurus Festival: This festival is one of the best summer activities in Cavtat. There are lectures, readings, guided tours of art galleries and museums, youth concerts and even flamenco performances. A full week of exclusive events.
  • Late July – Summer Carnival: Cavtat has a long Carnival tradition, dating back to the Middle Ages. In fact, it is one of the few places in the world holding real carnival in the summer. Summer Carnival is held on the last weekend of July. For two days, the town streets get filled with dance performances, parades, singers, actors, and lots of joy.
  • 5 August – Feast of Our Lady of Snows: This is one of the most popular religious feasts in town. The streets get all dressed up as local pay tribute to Virgin Mary. Traditional folk music and offerings follow one another in a heartfelt atmosphere, putting up a show worth seeing.
  • September – Dalmatian Klapa Music Festival: Held every year for two days on the first weekend of September in Cavtat, this festival gathers the best klapa performers (klapa is a traditional form of a cappella singing). On day two, a guest choir is invited to play in front of the iconic Church of Saint Nicholas.



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