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Our guests reviewsIBEROSTAR Bellevue

  • Оlga Barmenkova says: 7 months

    I am not sure I would like to come back. May be will choose other Iberostars hotels. It's a pity, becase I fell good in Montenegro.

    "It is our second stay in Iberostar, in Montenegro. The things we like: the location, the climate, nice sea, sport facilities,work of the security, room service, recepton and animation (esp. Stoyan, Dino and Toma + a great Russian dancer- forgot her name. Waiters in Terrace restaurant were good. What we didn't like and want to be changed:create non-smoking areas at the swimming pool. The whole world fights against smoking in public places , but in your hotel children visitors have to breath in smoke everywhere, even at the mini disco where everyone is smoking. The food leaves much to be desired, especially fruits and desert. After our complaints a couple days were good, but then again - rotten peaches, unripe water melons, etc. Some days the meat was good, while on others you could find a lot of tiny bones in the stew."

    Rating: 7,0
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  • Colin & Tricia Harris says: 7 months

    We would certainly like to try other Iberostar hotels in other countries

    "The hotel was much larger than we imagined, but the four dining areas were well able to cope with a good variety of international foods, prepared and presented invitingly. That is, until the Russians arrived. During the week we discovered 7 other British people at the hotel & estimated the Russians represented approximately 98%. Although notices politely requested that no loungers be reserved with towels, that swimwear/shorts/vests not be worn at dinner or in the dining room, these were totally ignored by a majority of guests. Swimming was difficult in the pools as, again, the Russians seemed to take over with rowdiness and being noisy. The serving spoons were taken out of your hand before you could put them down, half of a whole salmon was taken by one man, a dinner plate was used to take 15 pieces of gateau from a sweet platter with the carrier advising me that it was for 'two persons'. Any variety of melon was gone within seconds of it having been put out and predictably the majority of this was left on the tables without being touched?! Every type of tea, except English, was also disappointing - the nearest being Black Russian Tea. On a positive note; the hotel areas and rooms were exceptionally clean and well maintained. Clean towels and toiletries were there every day and all the staff were keen to wash down paths, tidy up and make everything look presentable. The all inclusive tab was disappointing. Only one type of red wine/white wine, which was dispensed from a metal tap was available without paying extra to have it served from a bottle (admittedly with a 50% discount). Children as young as four/five were helping themselves in the dining rooms with obvious parent approval. Only one type of beer and 3 types of cocktail were available (one of which was non-alcoholic). On the Terrace, coffee ran out at 10.45pm on Wednesday night. The beer ran out at 10pm on Thursday night and on Saturday night, there were no spirits left to make the cocktails! With the sunbeds on the hotel's beach also being chargeable and 20 Euro deposit for a beach towel, it really didn't feel 'all inclusive'. The young reception staff/entertainment staff/dining room staff/co-ordinators and presenters were all very professional, very keen to please and endeavoured to ensure that everyone was included and were enjoying themselves. They were very polite and always ensured that your requests were dealt with satisfactorily. Diana, the Tui representative for the British visitors gave a first class presentation and explained fully about the excursions in beautiful Montenegro. She assured us that we could contact her at any time and she would do her best to help us. The early morning calls and packed lunches never failed and it was an excellent service. We also felt the security staff did a splendid job in keeping us feeling safe. Last, but not least, the excursion guides/drivers were very knowledgeable, spoke excellent English, were friendly and professional and displayed a great passion for visitors to learn all about their wonderful country. "

    Rating: 6,0
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  • Wauquier Ludovic Et Nadège says: 7 months

    awful !

    "Bellevue, et juste ça...et avec suppl. Fuyez! Un 4 étoiles à bannir! L'iberostar bellevue n'est pas mal situé, le coin est plutôt joli. Préférez cependant l'authentique baie de Kotor à Budva. Dans all inclusive, entendez uniquement une nourriture inmangeable, réellement infecte, et des boissons infâmes au bar. La plage sale (3€/jour/pers), eau dans la chambre (à partir de 26€), club fitness (5€/jour), wifi fonctionnant uniquement à l'accueil (16€/semaine). Tout, absolument tout même le plus basique des services (coffre-fort 3€) est payant... Et en liquide...uniquement! On vous fera forcément le coup de la vue parking en arrivant histoire de vous y faire préférer la "bellevue" au prix de 28€/jour/pers. Le Low cost gagne du terrain dans tous les étoilés ; ici, le problème c'est que rien n'est signalé avant réza! Bien sur, nous sommes à l'est et l'hôtel est bondé de russes... Je me garderai de tout commentaire... Avant de partir pour cette destination et cet hôtel inconnus que je n'ai pas choisis, on nous avait dit que le Monténégro commence à s'ouvrir au tourisme. Je pense que les monténégrins n'ont pas pris le meilleur créneau pour développer l'économie du tourisme... Constructions massives sur un territoire vierge offert aux promoteurs pour un tourisme de masse qui semble peu raisonné... Seules quelques plages privées des hôtels luxueux sont nettoyées... D'ailleurs, ici toutes les plages sont privées! Cette orientation est Décevante. Aux amoureux du Voyage, je déconseille cette destination et cet hôtel, et tous les clubs 3,4 voire même 5, en général et désormais toujours très décevants... L'iberostar en particulier. Ce que je retiens de tous mes voyages aujourd'hui, c'est que le tourisme est vraiment à l'image du monde, à savoir que les hôtels sont ou très luxueux et donc chers (bien qu'à tout compter, on est parfois surpris...) ou accessibles mais au minima. La meilleure alternative aujourd'hui reste la location quand le voyage le permet. Après des années à barouder, nous sommes informés et prêts pour des choix réfléchis d'un tourisme respectueux des lieux et des hommes. Ce sera donc notre unique expérience dans les chaînes Iberostar entre autres clubs Low cost..."

    Rating: 1,0
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  • H says: 8 months



    Rating: 10,0
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  • Fabio says: 10 months


    "Very good, as always!!!"

    Rating: 10,0
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  • Aleksandra Pavlovic says: 10 months

    pleasant, would recommend it

    "I truly enjoyed my stay at the Iberostar hotel in Becici, Montenegro recently. Staff was very kind, food quite fine, everything clean. I was on a business trip but actually considered going back with my family in September!"

    Rating: 9,0
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  • Marina says: 10 months

    Do not recommend!

    "The hotel feels much more like 3*. There is no hot water in the morning, there are ants in the rooms, there is absolutely no room in the bathroom to place your toiletries, shower cabin leaks so there is water all over the bathroom after each shower. Breakfast ends exactly at 10:00 am, and the kitchen personnel moves everything away with the speed of a sound - even the coffee machine gets switched off at 10! Hotel requires you to pay the entire stay upfront, there are long lines at reception. The so called spa area extremely tiny for the amount of guests. The only positive moment is location right on the beach. "

    Rating: 5,0
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