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  • Boavista

Beaches: Boavista

Boavista has wonderful beaches with white sand dunes, slim coconut palms and turquoise blue waters. Many consider them to be the best beaches in the world. The bright light, the landscapes dominated by volcanic features and the clean water invite holidaymakers to release tension. Boavista’s beaches are great for a romantic getaway or a sun-blessed family holiday. They are unspoilt sands, ideal for scuba diving or windsurfing.

Main beaches in Boavista:

  • Chave beach: If Boavista has a place to get lost and get away from it all, it is Chave beach. In this extensive stretch of sand, the desert meets the sea, creating an amazing landscape, with the sky in blue and golden brushstrokes. Enclosed by dunes, Chave beach attracts windsurfers and scuba divers.
  • Santa Mónica beach: This wild stretch of sand to the south of Boavista is 10km long; the turquoise blue sea is wrapped in an ideally calm atmosphere. Since Santa Mónica is not easily accessible, there is normally not another soul in sight.
  • Curral Velho beach: This is another beach to the south of Boavista. It is in the middle of a deserted landscape peppered with rocks and some bushes with a reddish accent. The beach runs along the shoreline of a big 1km-long lake of crystal-clear blue water and has a salt marsh area. Very close to the beach is the highest mountain on the island, Mount Estância.
  • De la Cruz beach: One of the beaches that stand closest to Sal Rei, the capital of Boavista, De la Cruz is one of the most popular too, because it is the venue of a major music festival held every year in Cape Verde. The beach offers a paradise-like landscape, a lively atmosphere and a full range of facilities and services. Since the beach is close to a residential area, beach goers can choose from a number of beach bars and eateries.
  • Atalanta beach: It is also known as Praia Cabo Santa Maria, since the Spanish ship bearing this name became wrecked there. Actually, you will find the shipwreck right on the sand. Atalanta lies to the north of Boavista, at the end of the well-known Costa da Boa Esperança. It has strong currents and winds, ideal for windsurf lovers.
  • Baia das Gatas beach: With crystal-clear water and fine sand, Baia das Gatas is popular with nature lovers in Boavista. From it visitors can watch dolphins swimming close to the coast. Actually, many years ago, there were tiger sharks in the sea, which is why the area is called ‘Das Gatas’ (gata means ‘cat’ in Portuguese).


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