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Activities: Alcudia

Alcudia offers a host of activities to engage in on the charming coast in the northern part of Majorca. You will get deep into Majorcan culture and traditions. Take a stroll across the walled old town, travel back in time to the Roman city of Pollentia by the sea, or admire the big tower. A wide array of sights to suit people of all ages at any time of year.

What to do and what to see in Alcudia

  • Alcudia city wall: A well-preserved centuries-old wall encircles the old town and the magic that has come down to us from the Middle Ages in this small town in the north of Majorca. There were three main gates in the past but the most important was the Majorca Gate, which linked the town to the Palma Royal Road.
  • Church of Sant Jaume: Following several renovations, today the church has a single nave flanked by chapels. The altar, in the Neo-gothic style, is dedicated to Saint James.
  • Casals of Alcudia: Casals were stately homes owned by nobles from Palma who came and took refuge in Alcudia in the 1520s. Many casals look today as they did five centuries ago. Can Torró, for instance, was built in the fourteenth century and has been converted to a library. Other casals worth mentioning are Can Fondo, Can Calvo and Can Canta.
  • Roman site of Pollentia: Founded in 123 BC, Pollentia is the major Roman site in the Balearics. Visitors can walk through it to discover where the houses, the forum or theatre stood. There is a museum with a collection of the artefacts found in the excavations on display.
  • Major Tower: A walk from the town centre to the port of Alcudia passes through a watchtower that rises on the former harbour at Port Mayor and was part of a group of five watchtowers. You will see many emblems of the village above the door.