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Cité Founty BP N° 1039

PC: 80000

TEL: +212 528 84 44 44



Longitude: -9.598037373783569

Latitude: 30.40215125400106

Location of IBEROSTAR Founty Beach

The top IBEROSTAR Founty Beach hotel is located along an extensive beach in Morocco, less than half a mile from the city of Agadir, where you can find the most beautiful historical and cultural places of Morocco, such as the Kasbah, the Medina of Coco Polizzi, the modern city or the village of Inmmouzer des Ida Outanane. The location of the IBEROSTAR Founty Beach hotel lets you discover the rich culture and tradition of Morocco during your beach holiday in Agadir.

  •  How to get to a magnificent all-inclusive hotel in Morocco.

From Agadir airport. Distance: 17 miles

  1. Exit the Agadir airport and take the P8 road (Inezgane)
  2. After 28 kilometres, you’ll arrive at Agadir, where the hotel is located.
  • The IBEROSTAR Founty Beach Hotel.

Hotel IBEROSTAR Founty Beach
B.P. No. 1039
Cite Founty 80 000
Agadir - Morocco
Tel: (+212) 5 28 84 44 44
Fax: (+212) 5 28 84 48 48
E-mail: founty.beach@iberostar.ma

  • Geolocation of a unique vacation in Agadir beach.

Latitude: 30.40215125400106
Longitude: -9.598037373783569


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